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Scholarly Interest Report
Alan Reid
Edgar Odell Lovett Professor of Mathematics
Primary Department
   Department of Mathematics
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Department Affiliations
  • Department of Mathematics
    Research Areas
     Low-dimensional geometry and topology, geometric group theory and connections with number theory
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    A. Kolpakov, A. W. Reid and L. Slavich "Embedding arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds." Math. Research LettersAccepted


    C. J. Leininger and A. W. Reid "Pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms not arising from branched covers." Submitted


    D. B. McReynolds and A. W. Reid "Determining hyperbolic 3-manifolds by their surfaces." Submitted


    K. Petersen and A. W. Reid "Gonality and genus of canonical components of character varieties." Submitted


    M. R. Bridson and A. W. Reid "Profinite rigidity, fibering and the figure-eight knot." Submitted


    M. R. Bridson, A. W. Reid and H. Wilton "Profinite rigidity and surface bundles over the circle." Bull. London Math. Soc, 49 (2017) : 831--841.


    M.D. Baker and A. W. Reid "Principal congruence links: Class number greater than 1." Experimental Math (2017) Accepted


    S. Garoufalidis and A. W. Reid "Constructing 1-cusped isospectral non-isometric hyperbolic 3-manifolds." J. of Topology and Analysis, 10 (2018) : 1--25.


    T. Chinburg, A. W. Reid and M. Stover "Azumaya algebras and canonical components." Submitted

     Refereed conference papers

    M.D. Baker and A. W. Reid "Congruence link complements--a 3-dimensional Rademacher Conjecture." Proceedings of the 66th Birthday Conference of Joachim SchwermerAccepted

    Editorial Positions
     Editor, Geometriae Dedicata. Springer. (2000 - 2000)