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Scholarly Interest Report
Dereth Phillips
Lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • B.A. Biology (1991) Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio
  • Ph.D. Genetics (2000) Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Primary Department
   Department of BioSciences
 BCB Opportunities Owl-Space site
 Bioc 115 website
 Bioc 310 website
 BCB Opportunities Owl-Space site
 Bioc 115 website
 Bioc 310 website
Research Areas
 Genetic dissection of Arabidopsis thaliana oxidosqualene cyclase to reveal their distribution and function in the organism
Teaching Areas
 Biochemistry and Cell Biology (freshman seminars, independent study)
Selected Publications

Dereth R Phillips and Bonnie Bartel "From Reading to Research: Vertically integrating undergraduate research from the freshman through senior years." Developmental Biology, 344 (2010) : 438.


Dereth R. Phillips, Andrew W. Woodward and Bonnie Bartel "A seminar that introduces freshmen to biology research and researchers." Developmental Biology, 319 (15-Jul-08) : 490.

 Refereed articles

Hui Shan, William K. Wilson, Dereth R. Phillips, Bonnie Bartel and Seiichi P. T. Matsuda "Trinorlupeol: A Major Nonsterol Triterpenoid in Arabidopsis." Organic Letters, 10 (4/15/2008) : 1897–1900.


Sarah E. Bondos, Dereth Phillips "Team-teaching a current events-based biology course for nonmajors." Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 36 (23-Jan-08) : 22-27.


Dereth R Phillips, Jeanne M Rasbery, Bonnie Bartel and Seiichi PT Matsuda "Biosynthetic diversity in plant triterpene cyclization." Current opinion in plant biology, 9 (3) (2006) : 305-314.


Dereth R. Phillips and Bonnie Bartel "Bios 115 Instructor's manual."  (2008)


Dereth R. Phillips and Bonnie Bartel "Bios 310 Student Manual."  (2008)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 National Academies Teaching Fellow, National Academies Summer Institute on Undergraduate Science Education (2013)