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Scholarly Interest Report
Francisco Vargas Arreola
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2009) Rice University, Houston, TX
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering (1999) Monterrey Tech, Monterrey, Mexico
  • M.S. Environmental Systems (2002) Monterrey Tech., Monterrey, Mexico
Primary Department
   Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
 Vargas Lab
 Vargas Research Group
Research Areas
 Thermodynamics of complex systems at high temperature and pressures, Petroleum Flow Assurance
Teaching Areas
 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Process Simulation
Numerical Methods
Petroleum Phase Behavior & Flow Assurance
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

Ali A AlHammadi, Yi Chen, Andrew Yen, Jianxin Wang, Jefferson L Creek, Francisco M Vargas, Walter G Chapman "Effect of the Gas Composition and Gas/Oil Ratio on Asphaltene Deposition." Energy & Fuels, 31, Issue 4 (2017) : 3610-3619.


Fei Wang, Renato F Evangelista, Timothy J Threatt, Mohammad Tavakkoli, Francisco M Vargas "Determination of Volumetric Properties Using Refractive Index Measurements for Nonpolar Hydrocarbons and Crude Oils." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 56, Issue 11 (2017) : 3107 - 3115.


Mehrdad Moosavi, Caleb J Sisco, Abbas Ali Rostami, Francisco M Vargas "Thermodynamic properties and CO2 solubility of monoethanolamine+ diethylenetriamine/aminoethylethanolamine mixtures: Experimental measurements and thermodynamic modeling." Fluid Phase Equiliria, 449: 175-185.


Mesude Ozturk, Sai R Panuganti, Kai Gong, Kenneth R Cox, Francisco M Vargas, Walter G Chapman "Modeling Natural Gas-Carbon Dioxide System for Solid-Liquid-Vapor Phase Behavior." Journal of Natural as Science and Engineering, 45 (2017) : 738-746.


Mohammed IL Abutaqiya, Sai Ravindra Panuganti, Francisco M Vargas "Efficient Algorithm for the Prediction of PVT Properties of Crude Oils Using the PC-SAFT EoS." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 56 (20) (2017) : 6088-6102.


Prodip K Kundu, Ali Elkamel, Francisco M Vargas, Muhammad U Farooq "Genetic algorithm for multi-parameter estimation in sorption and phase equilibria problems." Chemical Engineering Communications (2017) : 1-12.


Renato F Evangelista, Francisco M Vargas "Prediction of the Phase Behavior and Properties of Hydrocarbons with a One-Parameter PC-SAFT Approach Assisted by a Group Contribution Method." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 56 (2017) : 9227-9236.


Y Zhuang, A Goharzadeh, YJ Lin, YF Yap, JC Chai, N Mathew, F Vargas, Sibani L Biswal ""Experimental Study of Asphaltene Deposition in Transparent Microchannels Using the Light Absorption Method"." Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology (2017) : 1-10.


Yu-Jiun Lin, Peng He, Mohammad Tavakkoli, Nevin Thunduvila Mathew, Yap Yit Fatt, John C Chai, Afshin Goharzadeh, Francisco M Vargas, Sibani Lisa Biswal "Characterizing Asphaltene Deposition in the Presence of Chemical Dispersants in Porous Media Micromodels." Energy & Fuels, 31 (2017) : 11660-11668.


Zeliang Chen, Philip M Singer, Jun Kuang, Francisco M Vargas, George J Hirasaki "Effects of Bitumen Extraction on the 2D NMR Response of Saturated Kerogen Isolates." Petrophysics, 58, Issue 05 (2017) : 470-484.


F.M. Vargas "Simple Method to Calculate the Temperature Dependence of the Gibbs Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium Constants." Journal of Chemical Education, 91 (2014) : 396-401.


Mohammad Tavakkoli, Marty R Grimes, Xiaoyu Liu, Caitlin K Garcia, Sarah C Correa, Quinton J Cox, Francisco M Vargas "Indirect Method: A Novel Technique for Experimental Determination of Asphaltene Precipitation." Energy & FuelsIn Press


R. Miri, S. Zendehboudi, S. Kord, F.M. Vargas, A. Lohi, A. Elkamel, I. Chatzis "Experimental and Numerical Modeling Study of Gravity Drainage Considering Asphaltene Deposition." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53 (2014) : 11512-11526.


R. Pal and F.M. Vargas "On the interpretation of viscosity data of suspensions of asphaltene nano-aggregates." The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 92 (2014) : 573-577.


M. Tavakkoli, S.R.Panuganti, F.M. Vargas, V. Taghikhani, M.R. Pishvaie and W.G. Chapman "Asphaltene Deposition in Different Depositing Environments: Part 1. Model Oil." Energy & Fuels, 28 (2013) : 1617-1628.In Press


Q. Ge, Y.F. Yap, F.M. Vargas, M. Zhang and J.C. Chai "Numerical Modeling of Asphaltene Deposition." Computational Thermal Sciences: An International Journal, 5 (2013) : 153-163.


S. Punnapala, F.M. Vargas "Revisiting the PC-SAFT Characterization Procedure for an Improved Asphaltene Precipitation Prediction." 


S.R. Panuganti, F.M. Vargas and W.G. Chapman "Property Scaling Relations for Nonpolar Hydrocarbons." 


S.R. Panuganti, M. Tavakkoli, F.M. Vargas, D.L. Gonzalez and W.G. Chapman "SAFT Model for Upstream Asphaltene Applications." 


Y.F. Yap, F.M. Vargas, J.C. Chai "A Level-Set Method for Convective-Diffusive Particle Deposition." Applied Mathematical Modelling, 37 (2013) : 5245-5259.

 Book chapters

M. Tavakkoli, M. Boggara, M. Garcia and F.M. Vargas "Advances in understanding, predicting and mitigating asphaltene deposition during oil production." Exploration and Production of Petroleum and Natural GasIn Revision


S. Punnapala, F.M. Vargas and A. Elkamel "Parameter Estimation in Phase Equilibria Calculations using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms." 

 Refereed conference papers

A. AlHammadi, F.M. Vargas, W.G. Chapman "Evaluation of Methods for Modeling Asphaltene Phase Behavior." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


A. Goharzadeh, Y. Zhuang, Y.J. Lin, Y.F. Yap, J.C. Chai, N. Mathew, F.M. Vargas, S.L. Biswal "3D Measurements of Asphaltene Deposition in a Transparent Mini-Channel." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


A. Goharzadeh, Y. Zhuang, Y.Y. Fatt, J.C. Chai, N. Mathew, F.M. Vargas, S.L. Biswal "Experimental Investigation of Asphaltene Deposition in a transparent mini-channel." 10th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (2014)


C. Sisco, R. Evangelista, M. Boggara, F.M. Vargas "PVT Modeling of Crude Oils: Proposal and Evaluation of New PC-SAFT Characterization Procedure." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


F.M. Vargas, M. Tavakkoli, M. Boggara, M. Garcia, R. Evangelista, A. Melendez, F. Wang, C. Sisco, N. Mathew, S. Prasad, M. Al Rashed, H. Al Asafen, A. Khaleel, M. Abutaqiya, S. Punnapala "Advances in Understanding Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


F.M. Vargas, M.E. Garcia-Bermudes, M.B. Boggara "Development of Experimental and Modeling Methods to Understand Asphaltene Precipitation." 2014 AIChE Spring Meeting and 2nd International Conference on Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance


Francisco Vargas, Miguel Garcia-Bermudes, Mohan Boggara, Sameer Punnapala, Mohammed I.L. Abutaqiya, Nevin T. Mathew, Sudha Prasad, Aisha Khaleel, Mariam Hamad Al Rashed, Hadel Yousef Al Asafen "On the Development of an Enhanced Method to Predict Asphaltene Precipitation ." OTC-25294-PT


M. Boggara, F. Wang, F.M. Vargas "On the Molecular Modeling of Solubility Parameters for Flow Assurance Applications." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


M. Tavakkoli, A.S. Kurup, F.M. Vargas, V. Taghikhani, W.G. Chapman "Effect of Gas Injection on Asphaltene Deposition Profile in Wellbores and Pipelines." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


Y. Lin, M. Tavakkoli, N. Mathew, Y. Yap, J. Chai, A. Goharzadeh, F.M. Vargas, S. L. Biswal "Probing Asphaltene Deposition Using Microfluidic Channels." 2014 International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling


Yit Fatt Yap, Afshin Goharzadeh, Francisco M Vargas, Chee Kiong John Chai "Particle Deposition in a Two-Fluid Flow Environment." Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 59

 Conference papers

S. Panuganti, M. Tavakkoli, M. Freeman, A.A. Hammadi, X. Qu, J. Wu, F.M. Vargas, V. Taghikhani and W. G. Chapman "Understanding Temperature and Asphaltene Polydispersity Effects on Deposition in Different Depositing Environments." 

 Conference abstracts

Presenter.  ""Asphaltene Deposition and Fouling in Reservoirs"." Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX. (May 2017) With 1. M. Tavakkoli, P. He, P.H. Lin, S. Rezaee, M. Puerto, R. Doherty, J. Creek, J. Wang, G. Kusinski, J. Gomes, W. Chapman, S.L. Biswal, F.M. Vargas


Presenter.  ""Integrated One-Dimensional Modeling of Asphaltene Deposition in Wellness Pipelines"." 7th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, and Applied Optimization, Sharjah, UAE. (April 2017)


Presenter.  ""Modeling H2S Partitioning in Deep Water Production Systems"." SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry, Montgomery, TX. (April 2017)

 Invited Talks

Discussion Leader.  ""Optimising Flow Assurance in a Challenging Cost Environment"." SPE Workshop, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (March 2017)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Best Applied Paer, AIChE South Texas Section (2017)

 R&D Bright Finding & Research Integration Award, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi