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Scholarly Interest Report
S. Malcolm Gillis
University Professor
University Professor and Ervin K. Zingler Professor of Economics
  • A.A. (1960) Chipola Junior College, Florida
  • M.A. (1963) University of Florida, Florida
  • B.A. (1962) University of Florida, Florida
  • HONORARY (1992) Doctor of Laws, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT
  • Ph.D. (1968) University of Illinois, Illinois

Currently on Sabbatical for the second semester of the Academic year of 2012-2013

Selected Publications

 “Future International and Additive Manufacturing,” February 2013


“Green Backfire," October 2013


Gillis, Malcolm "Three Generations of the Harberger Model: The Known, The Unknown and the Unknowable." In Press


Gillis, Malcolm "Nine Lessons from Fifty Years of Economic Development: Implications for North Korea." in Kim Dae Jung and Mikhail Gorbachev, Proceedings from Summit of Nobel Peace Prize LaureatesIn Press


Gillis, Malcolm with Robert Conrad and Evan Mercer "A Dynamic Model of Harvesting Behavior Under Selective Extraction Systems." Environment and Development Economics (October 2005)

 Book chapters

Gillis, Malcolm with George Zodrow and John Diamond "Corporate Tax Incidence: Reflections on the Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable." Fundamental Tax Reform: Issues, Choices and Implication, MIT Press (2008)


Gillis, Malcolm "Sustainable Development: Some Neglected Aspects."  (2005)

 Conference papers

“Public Health Program Development in the Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK)”


“Health and Environmental Implications In Commercialization of Nanotechnology”
 Prepared for the 10th Annual Rhodes Conference, Greece
October 3-8, 2012


“Perspectives on 21st Century Technology: The Nano-BIO-Info Convergence”
 Prepared for the 10th Annual Rhodes Conference, Greece
October 3-8, 2012

 Conference Committee Member

"Perspectives on 21st Century Technologies: Nano-Bio-Info Intersections." First Annual Conference on Technology, Pyongyang, North Korea. (October)


"Conference on Stem Cell Research (2009)."


"Seven Decades of Cancer Research (Rice University) ."

 Invited Papers

"Native American Economies." Department of Sociology, Duke University, Durham, NC. (April 11, 2005)


"Opportunites at the Intersections of 21st Century Technologies." Kenan-Flager School of Business, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC. (January 31, 2005)


"Opportunities at the Intersections of 21st Century Technologies." Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University, Durham, NC. (January 19, 2005)

 Invited Talks

"Black Swan in a Perfect Storm:  The Financial Meltdow of 2007-2010 (University College, Dublin, 2010)."


"New Perspectives on 21st Century Technology:  The Nano-Bio-Info Convergence  (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)."


"Black Swans in a Perfect Storm: The Financial Meltdown of 2007-2010."


"Biotechnology in Houston's Future." Greater Houston Partnership, Houston, TX. (September 2006)


"Houston's Bio Tech Future." BioHouston Breakfast, Houston, TX. (May 2006)


"Lessons from a Half Decade of Economic Development." Carl Schurz Annual Lecture, International University of Bremen, Germany. (October 2006)


"Nano and Biotechnology on the 21st Century." Yanbin University, China. (June 2006)


"Opportunities at the Intersection of Three Convergent Technologies." University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City. (June 2006)


"Doctoral Education and the Humanities." School of Humanities, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. (November 11, 2005)


"Economices, Societies and Technologies in a New Century." International University in Germany, Bremen, Germany. (June 30, 2005)


""The Nano-Bio-Info Interface in 21st Century Technology"  (10-10-10), Conference, Rice University, Fall 2010."


"The International Bond Market." Central Bank of Korea, Seoul. (June 2006)


"Historical and Contemporary Debate on Consumption Taxes." Conference on Taxation and Reform in a Global Environment, Terry Sanford Institute for Public Policy, Duke University, Durham, NC. (November 4, 2005)

 Seminar Speaker

"Three Generations of the Harberger Model." Is It Time for Fundamental Tax Reform: The Known, and the Unknowable, Rice University, Houston, TX. (April 2006)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Philanthropy Award, Arab-American Association (November 2006)

Positions Held
 Advisory Board Member, TAN TAO University (Vietnam). (2009 - 2009)