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Scholarly Interest Report
Nancy Niedzielski
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Linguistics
  • B. S. Eastern Michigan University
  • M. A. Eastern Michigan University
  • Ph. D. University of California, Santa Barbara
Primary Department
   Department of Linguistics
Department Affiliations
  • Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
    Research Areas
     sociolinguistics, speech perception, acoustic phonetics, dialectology, language and gender, linguistics and clinical speech therapy,speech technology, AAVE
    HUES (Houston Urban English Study)
     This is an on-going project researching the complex and rich dialectal variation in Houston Texas
     This program of research seeks to identify the ways in which Houstonians divide themselves into various social groupings, based in linguistic varieties. We have examined the language landscape to date by looking at region, gender, ethnicity, and age. Houston's a great city for this, because of its size, diversity, and dialect location, spanning as it does the Southern and Western regions of the US.
    Selected Publications


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     Book chapters

    Niedzielski, Nancy and Dennis Preston.  Submitted. Folk pragmatics. A. Barron, P. Grundy, & G. Yuego (eds) Pragmatics handbook. London: Routledge.


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     Conference Committee Member

    "NWAV 37." Houston TX. (Nov. 6-9, 2008)

     Invited Papers

    "Implicational variables in intra-variety style:  Ethnicity  vs. Gender

     NWAV 41, Bloomington, IND." (October 28,2012)


    "Phonetics." Plenary symposium on Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Theory, Chicago. (January, 2008) With Keith Johnson

     Invited Talks

    Chinese American English vowel variants: evidence for an emerging Anglo identity?  NWAV 42, Pittsburgh, PA


    What we don’t know we know.  International Congress of Linguistic Science, Geneva, Switzerland


    Attitudes and awareness we’re unaware of

    June 20, 2012, Variation of Language attitudes, Lausanne, Switzerland


    Implicational Scaling of AAE vowel variation, NWAV 40, Georgetown, Washington D.C


    "Perception’s effect on production: An argument for embracing the complexities ." University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Scotland. (April 2008)

     Keynote Speaker


      Dialect Perception: Where Perception and Production Meet

     Experimental applications in Sociolinguistics, Groningen, The Netherlands



    Perceptual experiments and phonetic variation: Finding out what speakers don’t know they know and vice versa

    Polish Linguistics Meeting, Poznan, Poland


    "Morphing precepts: how variation in one domain gets perceptually co-opted for another." Neue Wege der Dialektologie, Kiel Germany. (May 2008)


    "The perception of phonological variation: some issues of perceptual dialectology." Colloque International ‘Phonologie du français contemporain, Louvain, Belgium. (July, 2006)


    "At the perception/production interface." Functional Approaches to Grammar, Santa Barbara, CA. (July 13-15, 2001)


    "Folk Linguistics." Iowa State University Department of Anthropology, Des Moines, IA. (Mar.22-24, 2001)


    "Plenary Address: "At the perception/production interface"." New Ways of Analyzing Variation, Raleigh, NC. (Oct. 14-16)


    "Automated Recognition and Synthesis of Speech: problems and solutions." Linguistics Association of Canada and the United States, Houston. (July, 2000)


    "Chipping Away at the perception/production interface." New Ways of Analyzing Variation, East Lansing, Michigan. (October 6, 1999)


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    "Social information amd phonetic perception." Texas A & M University Department of English, Texas A & M. (February, 2000)


    "Speech perception and speech synthesis." Lingistics Society of America, Los Angeles, CA. (January 3-6, 1999)

    Editorial Positions
     Other, Journal of Sociolinguistics. (2000 - 2000)

     Other, Journal of Language and Social Psychology. Sage. (2000 - 2000)

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Elizabeth Brunner, Ph. D. Imitation, Awareness, and Folk Linguistic Artifacts. (2010) (Thesis Director)

     Christian Koops, Ph. D. Sociophonetic Knowledge in Speech Perception. (2010) (Thesis Director)

     Andrew Pantos, Ph. D. Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Foreign-Accented Speech. (2010) (Thesis Director)

     Christoher Taylor, Ph. D. Power to Represent: The Spatialized Politics of Style in Houston . (2010) (Thesis Director)

     Michael Colley, Ph. D. Dipthongization in Brazilian Portuguese. (2010) (Thesis Director)

     Viktoria Papp, Ph. D. The Female to Male Transgender Voice: Physiology vs. Performance in Production. (2011) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Ann Marie Olivo, Ph. D. Strong Island Sound: Ethnicity and Language in Long Island, NY. (2013) (Thesis Director)

     John Joseph Galindo, Masters The Effect of Linguistic Experience on the Perception of Pitch Contour. (2013) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Katherine Ann Nelson, Ph. D. A phonetic inventory of Nez Perce. (2013) (Thesis Director)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Member, Committee on Social and Political Issues in Linguistics, Linguistics Society of America (2002-2005)