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Scholarly Interest Report
Matt Jones
Assistant Professor
Norman & Gene Hackerman Jr Chr
Primary Department
   Department of Chemistry
Research Areas
 Nanomaterial synthesis, spectroscopy & imaging
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

Cho, H.; Jones, M. R.; Nguyen, S. C.; Zettl, A.; Alivisatos, A. P. "Use of Graphene and Its Derivatives for Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy of Radiation-Sensitive Specimens." Nano Lett., 17 (2017) : 414.


Jones, M. R.; Hauwiller, M. R.; Frechette, L. B.; Ye, X., Rabani, E.; Geissler, P. L.; Alivisatos, A. P. "Unraveling Kinetically-Driven Mechanisms of Nanocrystal Shape Transformation using Graphene Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy."  (2018, In Preparation)


Jones, M. R.; Hauwiller, M. R.; Ye, X., Frechette, L. B.; Rabani, E.; Geissler, P. L.; Alivisatos, A. P. "Single-Particle Mapping of the Spatial Distribution of Surface-Bound Ligands."  (2018, In Preparation)


Jones, M. R.; Kohlstedt, K. L.; O’Brien, M. N.; Wu, J. S.; Schatz, G. C.; Mirkin, C. A. "Deterministic Symmetry Breaking of Plasmonic Nanostructures Enabled by DNA-Programmable Assembly." Nano Lett., 17 (2017) : 5830.


Kim, J.; Ou, Z.; Jones, M. R.; Song, X.; Chen, Q. "Imaging the “Polymerization” of Multivalent Nanoparticles in Solution." Nat. Comm., 8 (2017) : 761.


Kress, R. N.; Marolf, D. M.; Rehn, S. N.; Jones, M. R. "Two-Dimensional Hybridization and Crystallization of Nucleic Acid Nanostructures." Langmuir (2018, In Preparation)


Laramy, C. R.; Fong, L.-K.; Jones, M. R.; O’Brien, M. N.; Schatz, G. C.; Mirkin, C. A. "Understanding Nanoparticle-Mediated Nucleation Pathways of Anisotropic Nanoparticles." Chem. Phys. Lett., 683 (2017) : 389.


Lin, Q.-Y.; Mason, J. A.; Li, Z.; Zhou, W.; O’Brien, M. N.; Brown, K. A.; Jones, M. R.; Butun, S.; Dravid, V. P.; Aydin, K.; Mirkin, C. A. "Building Superlattices from Individual Nanoparticles via Template-Confined DNA-Mediated Assembly." Science (2018, Accepted) Accepted


Litt, D. B.; Jones, M. R.; Hentschel, M.; Wang, Y.; Yang, S.; Zhang, X.; Alivisatos, A. P. "Hybrid Lithographic and DNA-directed Assembly of a Configurable Plasmonic Metamaterial that Exhibits Electromagnetically Induced Transparency." Nano Lett. (2018, ASAP) Accepted


Moreau, L. M.; Jones, M. R.; Roth, E. W.; Wu, J.; Kewalramani, S.; O’Brien, M. N.; Chen, B.-R.; Mirkin, C. A.; Bedzyk, M. J. "The Role of Trace Ag in the Synthesis of Au Nanorods."  (2018, Submitted)


Raja, S. N.; Ye, X.; Jones, M. R.; Lin, L.; Govindjee, S.; Ritchie, R. O. "High Dynamic Range Nanocrystal Deformation Sensor." Nat. Comm. (2018, Accepted) Accepted


Rehn, S. M.; Jones, M. R. "Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy for Energy Sciences." ACS Energy Lett. (2018, In Preparation)


Singh, A.; Singh, A.; Ong, G. K.; Jones, M. R.; Nordlund, D.; Bustillo, K.; Ciston, J.; Alivisatos, A. P.; Milliron, D. J. "Dopant Mediated Assembly of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanorods into Atomically Coupled 2D Sheets in Solution." Nano Lett., 17 (2017) : 3421.


Yi, C.; Su, M.-N.; Dongare, P. D.; Chakraborty, D.; Cai, Y.-Y.; Joplin, A.; Marolf, D. M.; Kress, R. N.; Ostovar, B.; Tauzin, L. J.; Chang, W.-S.; Jones, M. R.; Sader, J. E.; Halas, N. J.; Link, S. "Damping of Acoustic Vibrations in Individual Polycrystalline Gold Nanostructures."  (2018, In Preparation)

 Invited Talks

"Invited University Lecture." Cornell University, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Ithaca, NY. (Jan. 26, 2017)


"Invited University Lecture." Pennsylvania State University, Department of Chemistry, State College, PA. (Jan. 23, 2017)


"Invited University Lecture." Stanford University, Department of Chemistry, Stanford, CA. (Jan. 19, 2017)


"Spatial Mapping of Surface-Mediated Nanocrystal Transformations." Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy, Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Sept. 18, 2017)

Editorial Positions
 Other, Reviewer, Materials. Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Group. (2017 - 2017)

 Other, Reviewer, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Nano Lett., ACS Nano. American Chemical Society. (2017 - 2017)

 Other, Reviewer, Nat. Communications. Nature Publishing Group. (2017 - 2017)

 Other, Reviewer, Nanoscale. Royal Society of Chemistry. (2017 - 2017)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley (2015-2017)

 Norman Hackerman-Welch Young Investigator, (2017)