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Scholarly Interest Report
Kelly Weinersmith
Huxley Research Instructor in BioSciences
  • M. S. Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation Biology (2007) Bowling Green State University
  • Ph.D. ecology (2014) University of California, Davis
  • B. S. Biology (2004) Bowling Green State University
Primary Department
   Department of BioSciences
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

Weinersmith KL, Brown CE, Clingen KB, Topper LB and Hechinger RF (in prep for Parasites & Vectors). Euhaplorchis californiensis exhibits positive phototaxis.


Conrad JL, Bibian AJ, Weinersmith KL, DeCarion D, Young MJ, Crain P, Moyle PB and Sih A (in press). Invasion of Brazilian waterweed (Egeria densa) facilitates expansion of an estuarine population of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides). Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.


Johnson EL, Weinersmith KL and Earley RL (in press). Changes in the reproductive physiology of mangrove rivulus Kryptolebias marmoratus following exposure to environmentally relevant concentrations of ethinyl estradiol. Journal of Fish Biology.


Renick VC, Weinersmith KL, Vidal-­‐Dorsch D and Anderson T (in press). Effects of a parasite and pesticide on the physiology and behavior of California killifish. Aquatic Toxicology.


Weinersmith KL, Hanninen AF, Sih A, McElreath R and Earley RL (in review following minor revisions). The relationship between handling time and cortisol release rates changes as a function of brain parasite densities in California killifish. Journal of Fish Biology.


Weinersmith KL and Earley RL. Better with your parasites? Incorporating lessons from evolved dependence and conditionally helpful parasites to behavioural ecology. The proposal for this review has been accepted by Animal Behaviour, and will be submitted in September 2015.

 Conference Paper

Weinersmith KL, Renick VC, King T, Payne E,  Sih  A,  and  Earley  RL.  Does  a  brain-­‐infecting parasite influence host behavioral type and behavioral correlations? (2015). Oral presentation. American Society of Parasitologists  conference.



Weinersmith KL. Science outreach through blogging and podcasting (2015). Invited talk for the American Society of Parasitologists Students’  Symposium.

 Invited Talks

Bowling Green State University, Biology Department Seminar:

Parasite manipulation of host phenotype: mechanisms, behavior, ecology, and evolution.

University of Michigan Early Career Scientists Symposium:

Parasite manipulation of host phenotype: mechanisms, behavior, ecology, and evolution.

Smithsonian Magazine and Nerd Nite’s Future is Here   Festival

“Will the zombie-­‐makers  of today yield the neuroscience    and drug discoveries of tomorrow?”

(The video from my talk is available on the Smithsonian Magazine, and is the most shared video from the 2-­‐day  event.)


Buzzfeed Interview – “6 of Nature’s Most Horrifying Mind-­‐Controlling Parasites” by Tom Chivers


Synapse: The University of California San Francisco Student   Paper

Interviewed for article on Synapse entitled, “Renaissance woman: Kelly Weinersmith on science, outreach and  family"


New Scientist Inverview: "Zoologger: Necdrophiliac spider mite prefers its mate dead" by Agata Blaszczak-boxe

Editorial Positions
 Other, Physiology & Behavior . (2015 - 2015)

 Other, Journal of Experimental Zoology . (2015 - 2015)

 Other, Journal of Parasitology . (2015 - 2015)

 Other, International Journal of Parasitology . (2015 - 2015)