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Scholarly Interest Report
Edward E. Williams
Henry Gardiner Symonds Professor of Management and Professor of Statistics
  • B.S.E.(1966)University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D.(1968)University of Texas at Austin
Department Affiliations
  • Department of Statistics
    Research Areas
     Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Inefficient Capital Markets
    Selected Publications

    E.E. Williams "Prospects for the Savings and Loan Industry." : xvi + 116.


    E.E. Williams and J.R. Thompson "Entrepreneurship and Productivity." : xix+343.


    E.E. Williams and J.R. Thompson "The Economics of Production and Productivity: A Modeling Approach." : xxii+419.


    E.E. Williams and M.C. Findlay "An Integrated Analysis for Managerial Finance." : xvi + 255.


    E.E. Williams and M.C. Findlay "Investment Analysis ." : xii + 476.


    E.E. Williams and S.E. Manzo "Business Planning for the Entrepreneur." : viii + 200.


    E.E. Williams, J.R. Thompson, and H.A. Napier "Business Planning: 25 Keys to a Sound Business Plan." : 1-99.


    E.E. Williams, P.A. Cohen, J.M. Gill and J.R. Thompson "Venture Capital Funded Internet Companies' Liquidity and Post Lock-up Valuations." Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 20 (2000) : 3.


    M.C. Findlay and E.E. Williams ""A Fresh Look at the Efficient Market Hypothesis: How the Intellectual History of Finance Encouraged a Real 'Fraud-on-the-Market.'"." Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 23 (Winter 2000-2001) : 181-199.


    J.R. Thompson and E.E. Williams "A Post Keynesian Analysis of the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model." Journal of Post Keynesian Economics (1999) : 251-267.


    "Wealth Maximization, Venture Capital, and the Theory of Entrepreneurship." Houston Area Chapter, American Statistical Association, Houston, Texas. (March 10, 1998) With J.R. Thompson

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Reviewer, Journal of Post Keynian Economics (2001)

     Frank Paish Prize, Board of Editors, JBFA (1985)

     Best Entrepreneurship Professors in U.S., BusinessWeek (1996)

     Most Cited Papers, Financial Management association (1995)

     Frank Paish Prize, Board of Editors, JBFA (1979)