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Scholarly Interest Report
Anne C. Klein
Professor of Relgion
  • B.A. Cum Laude (1965) SUNY, Binghamton
  • M.A. Buddhist Studies (1971) UW Madison
  • Ph.D. Religious Studies (1981) U.Va.
Primary Department
   Department of Religion
Department Affiliations
  • Asian Studies
  • Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Humanities Research Center
     Rice University Reli Faculty
    Research Areas
     Buddhism and Asian Religions, specializing in Tibet and India with sub-speciality in Women's studies and Contemplative Studies
    Buddhism, Self and Gender: A Cross Cultural Dialogue Between Ancient and Modern Perspectives
     The Third year of this project has been extended; I continue to work with five colleagues on tthe Knowing Body Project,
    have conducted two in-person group and two phone meetings in the past year.
    The Knowing Body
    Chief editor and co-editor with two other authors I invited under the auspices of my Ford Foundation grant. This book explores the mind-body paradigm through the lens of Buddhist religious, western medical, and contemporary cultural perspectives.

    We expect to submit the work for publication by mid-2005
    Tibetan Arts pof Transmission: Words, Songs and Visions from the Ancient 'Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse"
    Chantable English translation (in which the English meter matches the Tibetan so that the traditional Tibetan melody can be used) accompanied on each page by images used in meditation, as well as images of rarely photographed places, persons, and objects sacred to this widely utilized llurgical tradition. Verbal agreement to publish with Snow Lion in 2005.
    The Knowing Body
     involves research in mystical traditions,
    including untranslated Tibetan textual materials,
    for use in the the Knowing Body Project, work being done under auspices of Ford Foundation.

    Oversight of Digital Tibetan Project at Rice
     Continuing a project from previous years, this past Spring David Gray, in conversation with me and under my direction, catalogued 80 historically and culturally crucial yet hitherto unexajmined texts from the early Tibetan tradition.
    These are currently being reformatted for publication on the University of Virginnia Tibet
    Himalaya project, in which Rice is an important paticipant.
    Teaching Areas
     Buddhism, Contemplative Studies, Women's Studies, Tibetan Language
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    This piece was solicited by Andrew Cooper, long-time acquisitions editor for Tricycle. It was internally vetted; I call it "referreed" in that sense, but I doubt it was reviewed by academic Buddhist scholars.


    Anne Carolyn Klein, “Dzogchen” entry, Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy section  of the Oxford Handbook
    of World Philosophy, ed. Jay Garfield and William Edgeglass. In Press. Oxford: Oxford University

    Press. Forthcoming 2010.


    Anne C. Klein "Practice as a Path to Crosscultural Religious Understanding." Socially Engaged Buddhist Women: pp. 327-33.

     first published 1989 in Journal of Feministi Studies in Religion, now anthologized

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    Anne C. Klein, translated (into Chinese) by Prof. Lawrence Y.K.Lau "Knowledge & Liberation (I cannot replicate the Chinese title) published in Taiwan by Dharma Drum University Press. ." 


    Anne Carolyn Klein. Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse: A Story of Transmission. Foreward by Adozm Paylo RInpoche. Preface by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche. Epilogue by Khetsun Sangpo Ripoche.

    Ithaca: New York, Snow Lion Publications 2009.ISBn 13:97-1-55939-283-9

    1.rDzogs-chen. 2. ;Nigs-med'glin-pa Ran-byun-rdo-rje, 1729 or 30-1798s


    Expected publication is August 2010. Publisher: Dharma Drum Mountain, Taipei, Taiwan, in cooperation with Snow Lion Publications.


    This is the Russian translation of my Knowledge and Liberation .

    I cannot read nor have I been able to get the citation material transcribed, however I have the book in hand. It does not appear to list a place or date of publication. It was sent to me this year.


    Anne Carolyn Klein "Heart Essence, The Vast Expanse: A Story of Transmission."  (2007) In Revision


    Anne Carolyn Klein and Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche "Unbounded Wholeness: Dzogchen, Bon, and the Logic of the NonConceptual."  (2006)

     Study and Translation of the Authenticity of Open Awareness (gTan tshig gal mdo rig pa'i tshad ma)

    Anne C Klein and Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche "Unbounded Wholeness: Buddha's Way with Words."  (2005 winte) : ms is 658 pages.In Press


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    Anne Klein "Knowledge and Liberation." 

     Book chapters

    Anne C. Klein "“Seeing Body, Being Mind: Contemplative Practice and Buddhist Epistemology” in Companion to Buddhist Philosophy ed. Steven B. Emmanuel. London: Blackwell. 2013 ." 


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    “The Contemplative Classroom: Beyond the Disembodied Subject” Anne Carolyn Klein and Ann Gleig in Meditation in the Classroom ed. Judith Zimmer-Brown. Albany: SUNY Press. Forthcoming 2010.


    four co-authors "Chapter section on Buddhist views relevant to current ethical considerations attendant upon medical innovations and the questions they raise. Part of Ford funded Altering Nature Project P.I. Andrew Lustig and Baruch Brody." In Revision

     Refereed conference papers

    Anne Carolyn Klein "Psychology, the Sacred, and Energetic Sensing." Psychotherapy Across Cultures Century (2006)

     Conference papers

    Anne C. Klein "“The Knowing Body: Currents of Connection and Women in Religious Dialogue “ in Women and Inter-Religious Dialogue (working title) Editor, Catherine Cornille,." In Revision


    Introduction to "Start with your Body"in Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly. Fall 209.


    Anne C. Klein "Dream of a Former Life." Buddhist Fictions (2006) In Press


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    Anne C. Klein "Entires on 'Self' and 'Perfection of Wisdom'." Encyclopedia of Women and Religion, 1998 (? Pending or Just Out)


    Anne C. Klein "Gurus and Disciples in Tibet: Worlds Visible and Invisible." Rending the Veil (Pending)


    tr. Anne C. Klein "Assorted Topics of the Great Perection (rDzogs chen thor bu)." Tantric Practice (In Press)

    Creative Works
     Other - Chanting from Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse
     A CD including these liturgical chants in Tibetan, by a prominent female Tibetan Lama and singer, by a Western group who practices in this tradition in English, and a trained vocalist, in English. , Jetsun Kacho Wangmo, Dawn Mountain Sangha, Willem Overvijk, Recorded at Shepherd School of Music, (Fall 2009)
     Other - "Dream of a Former Life" in You Are Not Here and Other Works of Buddhist Fiction edited by Keith Katchik
     short story in book published by Wisdom Publications, Boston, MA. (Book published 2006)
     Other - "The Mantra and the Typist"
     Short Story,
     Conference Committee Member
     Shirley and Donald Museum of Tibetan Art (world's largest collection of Tibetan scroll paintings)

    "Progressive Religion and Values Working Group." Ford Foundation, New York, New York. (Sept. 10-11, 2005.)

     Invited Papers

    2013. “Touching Science: An Unbounded Conversation” at Buddhism and Modernity Conference on Global Transmission and Translation, Interacting Minds Centre,  Institute of Culture & Society, Aarhus University, Denmark Oct 31-Nov 2


    2013 “Mindful Embodiment and the Senses: Touch, Vision, Song & Self” at McGill Advanced Study Institute in Cross-Cultural Psychiatry: Mindfulness in Cross Cultural Context,” June 3-5, Montreal, Canada


    2013 Panel presentation, “A Nine-Vehicle View: Jigme Lingpa Comments on Longchenpa” [read by colleague] at IATS (International Association of Tibetan Studies) Ulaanbaator, Mongolia, July 25.


    "“Wisdom Across the Mountains: Indian Tārā, Tibetan Yeshe Tsogyal”,  at the Global Buddhist Congregation, Nov. 27-30, New Delhi, India. ." (Nov 29, 2011)

     One-day workshop under the auspices of Brown University

    "Reality as Womb: Three Realms of the Feminine Divine." Conference on the Divine Feminine, Northwestern University, Chicago Ill. (Nov 27-29, 2006)

     Conference on Exploring the Mind: Buddhist and Scientific Approaches to Mental Health and Healing

    "Psychology and Transcendence." Ryukppku and Boston Universities, Boston University. (Sept 10-11 2004)


    ""Physical and Metaphysical Spaces of Tibet: Body, Mind, and Ground"." American Society for the Study of Religion (ASSR), Ashville, N.C.. (April 26. 2003)


    ","The Land Remembers: Living Landscape and Soulful Spirits of the Tibetan Plateau"." Orality and Literacy II: Memory international conference, Rice University. (Oct. 11)


    "Buddhism and Forgiveness: Does Wisdom Conquor All?." Forgiveness: The Search for Acceptance in Psychotherapy and Faith,, Baylor College of Medicine and the Institute of Religion in the Texas Medical Center,.


    "Mindfulness, Culture, and the Mind-Body Conversation." AAR, Toronto. (Nov 23 2002)

     Invited Talks

    2013. “On Empathic Cross Cultural Encounters” Portland State University, October 4, Portland, Oregon


    2013  “The Body’s Dynamism in Buddhist Epistemology and Physiology” at Interoception and Contemplative Practice conference at Amherst College, hosted by Mind & Life, April 21-23.


    Conference Participant and Speaker.  ""The Knowing Body:  Currents of Connection and the Art of  Religious Dialogue"." Boston College Symposia on Interreligious Dialogue, Boston, MA , (Sept 20-22)


    "“Life’s Path Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain There”." Psychotherapy & Faith Conference HAPPINESS AND SUFFERING: What it Means to be Human., he Institute for Spirituality and Health in the Texas Medical Center, Menninger Clinic and Baylor College of Medicine.. (Nov 16, 2012)


    Visiting Faculty .  " “Like a Sun Behind the Clouds: Jigme Lingpa on Loving Reality & Tibetan Ways of Knowing” ." Maitripa Institute, Portland, Oregon. (April 5, 2012)


    "The Embodied Mind in Buddhist Perspective." Mind Life Summer Institute, Garrison, New York. (June 20)


    "“Attention, Love, and Wisdom: Three Spheres of Buddhist Thought and Practice,” Lecture, Rutgers University, Department of Religion,Nov 7." (Nov 7 2011)


    "2011. “The Knowing Body: Contemplative Practice and the Myth of Isolation” Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, March 7.." (Mar 7 2011)


    Opening talk for introductory weekend program at the College


    "Ways of Knowing: Contemplation, Culture, and Community in Tibet”, Age of the Pacific Lecture Series, Master of International Management Program, Portland State University, Portland OR

    Feb 8 2010


    Summer Faculty .  "“Three Vectors of Development in Buddhist Contemplative Practice: Separate of Simultaneous Motivation, Understanding, and Calming,." Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, Garrision, New York. (June 12 )


    "“Wholeness and the Mind; Buddhist Epistemology and Contemplative Arts” ." Ashby Dialogue Featured Speaker, , University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (April 28)

     Presenter on Buddhist contemplative typologies, panelist for discussions of contemplative neuroscience with Buddhist epistemologies

    "Buddhism and the Modern World." Hong Kong University, HKU, Hong Kong. (May 25) With Harvey B. Aronson


    "Tibetan Trainings in Compassion." Buddhist Lodge of the Laity, Jewelry Building. Hong Kong. (May 26) With Anne Klein


    "Women and Wisdom: Social, Symbolic, and Contemplative Dimensions." Maitripa Institute, Portland Oregon. (Sept. 14)


    "The Heart Sutra and the Heart of Meditative Practice." Buddhist Lodge of the Laity, Hong Kong, China. (February 14, 2006)


    Speaker, led break-out group on meditation.  "Tibetan Practices of Mind and Body." Deep Streams Institute Conference on Mindfulness, Psychology, and Neurobiology, Mount Madonna Conference Center, Santa Cruz, California. (June 3-6 2005)


    "Perceiving Reality: Perspectives from Sutra and Tantra." Buddhist Studies Centre, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong. (July 3 2004)


    ""Contemplative Practice and Cross-Cultural Learning"." Symposium on Contemplative Practice in Higher Education, Amherst College, Amherst MA. (May 9-11.)


    "Not What Dhamrkirti Taught: Toward a Logic of the Nonconceptual"." Columbia University. (Feb 12 2002)

     Keynote Speaker

    2013  “ Meditation: Buddhists, Scientists, and the Rest of Us”  Numata Lecture Series, Prof. Leslie S. Kawamura Memorial Lecture, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary,  October 8.


    2013 “Jigme Lingpa: A Nine Vehicle Approach to Compassion”, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, October 7, Calgary, Canada


    2013 “Short Takes from Longchenpa and Jigme Lingpa” Maitripa College, Portland Oregon, October 3.

     Presentation with Slides to faculty, students, interested public

    I was one of 50 translators from around the world invited to discuss the planned translation of the entire corpus of Tibetan Buddhist literary heritage (many hundreds of thousands of pages in target language)


    "Contemplative Studies: A New Vision in the Academy?." American Academy of Religion, National Meeting, San Diego, CA.. (Nov. 21)


    "Practice as Path fo Cross-Cultural Religiosu Understanding." Sakyadhita: International Conference of Buddhist Women, Seoul, Korea. (Jun3 26-July 1 2004)


    ""Bon Achievements in Tibet"." Asian Studies Colloquium, Stanford University, April 27, 2000April 27, 2000.


    ""Buddhism West"." University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado. (January 28-30)


    ""Buddhists in the Academy"." American Academy of Religion, Joint Session of Hinduism and Buddhist Groups, Nashville, TN. (Nov 18-21)


    ""Women's Bodies and the Body Politic"." Core Connections:Women, Religion,and Public Policy, Women, Religion,and Public Policy,, Kennedy School of Public Policy and Harvard Divinity School. (October 7-8 1999)


    "Authenticity, Effortlessness, Delusion and Spontaneity." Ethnographic Museum, Osaka, Japan. (August, 1999 )


    ""Rise of Bon Epistemology"." Dept of Religious Studies/Center for Asian Studes, Stanford University, Stanford CA. (May 7 1998)


    ""Text and Context: 'The Authenticity of Innate Awareness'"." 8th Seminar of the International Assocation for Tibetan Studies, Bloomington, Indiana. (July 27, 1998)


    "Keynote Address "Ritual Art & the Art of Ritual"." Buddhist Christian Dialogue: Promises & Pitfalls, University of San Francisco, CA. (May 7)


    "Plenary Speaker, "Women, Buddhism, and the 20th Century"." Unity and Diversity, Claremont Collegges, Claremont, CA. (Jun 7)


    "Contemplative Theory and Higher Education." First International Symposium on Contemplative Studies,, Denver, CO. (April 27)


    ".”The Dalai Lama and Modern Times” brief talk and panel discussion, The Center for Jewish History, New York, NY, March 8.." (Mar 8 2011)


    "Women, Education, and the Future of  Himalayan Buddhisms” International Himalayan Buddhist Conference, co-hosted by the Conservancy for Tibetan Art & Culture and the Nepal Buddhist Academic Foundation in Lumbini, Nepal, Nov 23 and 24.." (Nov 24)


    "The Problem of Self and Other: Self-Conscious Emotions, Gender, Self and No Self in Buddhism and Psychoanalysis" nlightening Relationships: Buddhism, and Psychoanalysis Conference." New School for Social Research, New York City. (Oct. 13)


    "Whither Buddhist Studies?." Numata Conference at the University of Toronto, Toronto. (Apr. 6-7)


    "Mind and Reality." Mind and Reality Conference, Columbia University. (Feb 25, 2006)

     Seminar Speaker

    "2011. “Mystery in the Body: Contemplative Practice in a Buddhist Context, Faculty Seminar, Rutgers University, Department of Religion, Nov 7th.." (Npv 7)


    . “Longchen Rabjam’s Seven Mind-Trainings” course at Vækstcenteret, Solbakkeve, Denmark, Oct. 25-27.


    Editorial Positions
     Member of the Editorial Board, Pure Land Buddhist Studies. Institute of Buddhist Studies/GRU Berkeley, CA. (2011 - 2011)

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D. Magical Movements: A Cycle of Instructions in the Bon Tradition. (3) (Thesis Director)

     Brian Nichols, PH.D. Dharma World of the Lotus-Blooming Mulberry: Quanzhou Kaiyuan Monastery Religious Site and Tourist Attraction. (2011) (Thesis Director)

     Elena Claire Villarreal, Ph.D. To Know Buddha: Contemplative History in Tibet and its Relevance for Religious Studies. (2013) (Thesis Director)

     Elizabeth Wallett, Ph.D. Visionaries of the Longchen Nyingthig: Threads of Experience and Rebirth. (2015) (Thesis Director)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Tradition and Modernity Project, Ford Foundation (2006-2008)

     Heart Essence, the Vast Expanse: A Story of Transmission, Rice University

     Third Year Extension of "Gender, Self, and Well Being--Buddhism and Modernity: A Moern Dialogue" Project, Ford Foundation (2001-2002)

     Coordinating Committee for Technology Proposal and Project Activities , Ford Foundation (2001-2003)

     "Buddhism, Gender, and Self: A Dialogue between Tradition and Modernity", Ford Foundation (July 1999-July 2001)

     Chantable English Translation of the "Heart Essence of the Great Expanse", ACLS Contemplative Practice Grant (July-December 1999)

     Editorial Board, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

     Advisory Board, Women and Religion Program, Harvard Divinity School

     "Buddhism, Gender, and Self" A Dialogue beteen Tradition and Modernity", Ford Foundation (July 1999-July 2001)