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Scholarly Interest Report
Jose Narbona
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer of Spanish
  • M.A. (1999) in Spanish Language and Literature, Rice University
  • CAP (Pedagogical Certification) (1996), University of Cádiz (Spain)
  • B.A. (1995) in English, University of Seville (Spain)
 CSL Language E-Portfolios
 Span Web
Research Areas
 Language Teaching Methodology, Spanish Language and Culture, and Vexillology.

About my research.


No research required for my position but out of my own initiative, several presentations in different conferences are detailed in a different section of this report.

Teaching Areas
 Content-based courses in Spanish.
Selected Publications

Banderas num. 114 (Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Vexilología): "El uso vexilológico del color rojo en la novela argentina "Facundo", de Domingo F. Sarmiento" (March 2010).

 Book chapters

Jot Down 100: Cómics es una guía a todo color de los cien mejores cómics del mundo mundial según el criterio de los redactores de Jot Down, con ilustraciones originales y una entrevista a Jose Mª Beroy.

 Conference papers

Jose Narbona ""El uso vexilológico del color rojo en la novela argentina "Facundo", de Domingo F. Sarmiento". XXIV National Congress of Vexillology, Toledo (Spain) (June 27-28).." 


Jose A. Narbona "Interview with Spanish author and journalist Juan Bonilla for the online magazine JotDown.com (September 2011)." 


Salaberry, Barretti, Ellliot, Fernandez-Garcia "Impresiones."  (2003)

 Invited Papers

""El uso vexilológico del color rojo en la novela argentina "Facundo", de Domingo F. Sarmiento". XXIV National Congress of Vexillology, Toledo (Spain)." (June 27, 2009.)

 Invited Talks

"Presentation.  Using Owlspace for Easier and More Efficient Class Assignment Organization. Technology Luncheon, Rice University.." (April 20, 2012)


"Presentation (together with Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, Wendy Freeman, and Peggy Patterson): "Connecting Worlds with the  E-portfolios: In Pursuit of Better Assessment"." ACTFL, Denver. (Nov. 17-20)


Presentation (together with Peggy Patterson and Ryan Sajder): "CSL/LRC Summer Technology Workshop Project 2010: E-portfolios: Effective Documentation of Language Proficiency Through Technology" (May 14, 2010).


Round Table Discussion (together with Beata Krupa and Claire Bartlett): Celebrating Europe and Oceania during International Education Week: "Learn about European Leadership and Intercultural Communication" (November 17, 2010).


Presentation (together with Peggy Patterson and Ryan Sajder)"E-portfolios: Effective Documentation of Students' Progress through Technology". Technology Luncheon at Rice University (December 3, 2010).


"Humor in the Classroom: Suggestions for possible activities in ESL." (February 12, 2010)

 Presentation (together with Claire Bartlett, Chao-Mei Shen, Hiroko Sato and Gautami Shah): " Online Tools to Assess Pronunciation and Speaking". ACTFL Convention in Nasville TN (November 16-19).

Presenter.  "Digital Portfolios in Commercial and Scientific Spanish: Content-based Language Courses Oriented for Future professionals." Technology Luncheon, Rice University. (December 2004)


Presenter.  "E-portfolios: Communicating with the world." ACTFL, Baltimore. (November 2005) With Claire Bartlett, Christagaug, Meng Yeh


Presenter.  "Online Language Placement / Proficiency Tests: Assessing All Four Skills." ACTFL, Chicago. (November 2004) With Claire Barteltt and Brigitte Crull


Claire Bartlett.  "The Spanish Language Placement Test at Rice University." SOCALLT, Arlington (Texas). (November 2003)


Presenter.  "The Flac Courses at Rice University." Developement Workshop at A&M University, Prairy View (Texas). (October 2002)


speaker.  "Placement Test." ACTFL, Chicago. (November 19-21) With Claire Bartlett and Brigitte Crull


Speaker.  "The Digital Portfolio." Techonlogy Luncheon, Houston. (December 1)


Introduction to the movie "After" by Alberto Rodríguez during the Festival of New Spanish Cinema at Rice Univesity (October, 18 2010).


Presenter.  "CSL/LRC Summer Technology Workshop Project 2007." CSL/LRC Summer Technology Workshop, Rice University. (May 15, 2007)


Presenter.  "CSL/LRC Summer Technology Workshop Project 2008." LRC, Rice. (May, 22. 2008)


Presenter.  "Humor in the Classroom." CSL Pedagogy Circle, Rice University. (February 28, 2007)


Presenter.  "Making the Best of Films: Extemplate Exercises for a Variety of Spanish Courses and Levels." LRC/CSL Technology Luncheon, Rice. (Dec. 5, 2008)


Presenter.  "New technology applications and changes in the program of first year Spanish." LRC Technology Luncheon, Rice University. (December, 5. 2007)


Presenter.  "Dise¿o y mantenimiento b¿sico de p¿ginas web para principiantes." Hispanic and Clasical Studies Department at Rice University, Houston (Texas). (2001)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 President Leebron's Outstanding Faculty Associate at Baker College for the academic year 2011-2012., Rice University (May 12, 2012)

 George R. Brown Teaching Award, Rice alumni (Spring 2011)

 President Leebron's Distinguished Faculty Associate at Baker College for the academic year 2006-2007, President Leebron (December 2007)

 Baker College Special Service Award, Baker College (December 2007)

 Sarofim Award 2006 for Teaching Excellence, Rice University (May 2006)

Positions Held
 Associate Director, Center for the Study of Languages. (2011 - 2011)