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Scholarly Interest Report
Jill Thad Logan
Lecturer on English
  • M.F.A. Creative Writing: Poetry (2007) Warren Wilson College, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Ph.D. English (1981) Rice University, houston
  • B.A. English (1973) University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Primary Department
   Department of English
Department Affiliations
  • School of Humanities
    Research Areas
     Victorian studies, material and visual culture
    Teaching Areas
     Victorian studies, contemporary poetry
    Selected Publications

    Thad Logan "Twelfth Night: The Limits of Festivity." Studies in English Literature, 22


    The Victorian Parlour: A Cultural Study. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

     Book chapters

    Thad Logan "Decorating Domestic Space." Keeping the Victorian House

     Book reviews

    Victorian Studies Vol. 55 (1) Autumn 2012


    Thad Logan ""Novel Craft: Victorian Domestic Handcrafts and Nineteenth Century Fiction, by Talia Schafer" Nineteenth Century Gender Studies 8.2 (Summer 2012)." 


    "English Domestic Interiors, 1750-1850," by Margaret Ponsonby. Victorian Studies Vol. 50 (2) Winter 2008



    The Cultural Work of the Late Nineteenth-Century Hostess,” by Susan Harris. Victorian Studies Vol. 46 (3) Spring 2004


    Domestic Space: Reading the Nineteenth-Century Interior,” Inga Bryden and Janet Floyd, eds.. Victorian Studies Vol. 44 (2) Winter 2002



    Re-Presenting the Metropolis: Architecture, Urban Experience and Social Life in London, 1800-1840,” by Dana Arnold.  Nineteenth-Century Contexts,  2002 Vol. 24 (1)

     Conference papers

    Thad Logan "Foreign Objects: Souvenirs and Exotica in the Victorian Parlour." Xavier Review


    Thad Logan "Victorian Treasure Houses: The Novel and the Parlour." Journal of Narrative and LIfe History

     Dictionary or Encyclopedia Entries

    Thad Logan "“Material Culture and Things” ." Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature, 4 Vols, Dino Felluga, Pamela K. Gilbert, Linka K. Hughes, eds., (2015) : 1944.


    Thad Logan "Hello From . . .." Untameable City: Poems on the Nature of Houston (2015)


    "In West By God Virginia, Night Coming On," in Improbable Worlds: An Anthology of Texas and Louisiana Poets, ed. Martha Serpas. Houston, Texas: Mutabilis Press, 2011.


    "On the Road to San Antonio," "The Most Beautiful Words," poems included in The Weight of Addition: An Anthology of Texas Poetry, ed. Randall Watson. Mutabilis Press, 2007.

     Conference Paper

    "“Objects, Evidence, and Interpretation: Jury Reports and the Great Exhibition”." NAVSA, Pasadena, CA. (October, 2013)

     Invited Papers

    "The Gendered Interior in Nineteenth-Century Art," University of Bern, Switzerland


    ""Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, and Victorian Domestic Architecture"." Rienzi/ Museum of Fine Arts Houston, (April, 2012)


    ""Their Mutual Friend: Dante Gabriel Rossetti Assembles the Pre-Raphaelites"." "Sketches for Bob: Papers in Honor of Robert Lowry Patten", Rice University. (October, 2012)


    ""How and Why to Write a Room"." AHRB Centre for the Study of the Domestic Interior, London .


    ""Domestic Curiosities"." The Dickens Project, The University of California, Santa Cruz.

     Invited Talks

    ""Rossetti's Things"." Pre-Raphaelite Studies Fellow Lecture, Delaware Museum of Art, Wilmington.


    ""Reading Jane Austen"." Inprint, Brazos Bookstore.


    ""The Business of Taste"." The Dickens Project, University of California, Santa Cruz.


    ""Victorian Tableware and the Performance of Dinner"." NAVSA, Vanderbilt University.


    ""Pastoral: Tradition and Transition"." The Long Nineteenth Century: A Working Conference, Rice University/The University of Houston.


    ""Stumbling Through the Archive"." Victorian Studies Seminars, Rice University.


    ""Wombat Love"." NAVSA, Yale University, New Haven CT.


    ""Rossetti's Drawers"." NAVSA, Victoria, British Columbia.


    ""The Long Shadow of the Little White Girl: Lyric Subjectivity"." Poetry in the Age of the Novel Conference, Rice University/The University of Houston.


    ""Dickens and Matrimonial Accounting"." MLA, Philadelphia.


    ""Rossetti's Wombat"." Victorian Studies Seminars, Rice University.


    "Caricature and the Pre-Raphaelites," MLA session sponsored by the William Morris Society, Philadelphia


    ""Loyal to the Royal: Tennyson Refigures Victoria"." Victorians Institute Conference, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. With Robert L. Patten


    ""Toward a Rhetoric of Interior Design"." Narrative , Atlanta.


    ""Haunted Houses and Whorehouses: Victorian Places in the American Imagination"." The Dickens Project, University of California, Santa Cruz.


    ""Intimate Glimpses of Home: Domestic Interiors in Victorian Painting"." The Dickens Project, University of California, Santa Cruz.


    ""Dangerous Curves: Sexuality, John Ruskin, and Victorian Excess"." English Department Symposium, Rice University.


    ""Victorian Treasure Houses: The Novel and The Parlour"." Narrative Conference, Vanderbilt University.

     Session Chair

    "Session Chair, "Cottage Industries: Women, Reform, and Social Space in Nineteenth-Century England"." British Women Writers Association, Texas A&M University.


    Panel Moderator, Disciplinary Flashpoints Conference, Rice University/The University of Houston

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Kevin Morrison, Ph.D. "Inhabiting Liberalism: PoIitics, Culture, and the Spaces of Masculine Professionalism". (2009) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Lee Harisson, Ph.D. " Imagining Home: Victorian Fiction and the Cottage Pastoral". (2012) (Thesis Committee Member)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Pre-Raphaelite Studies Fellow, The University of Delaware/Delaware Museum of Art (2009)

    Positions Held
     Chair, "Nineteenth-Century Enquiry". (2004 - 2004)