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Scholarly Interest Report
Lars Lerup
Dean & Professor
Dean and William Ward Watkin Professor
  • M.S.(1970) Harvard University
  • B.A. (1968) UC, Berkeley
  • Civil Eng.Dipl.(1960)Helsingborg Technical College, Sweden
  • diploma (1955) Vaxio Laroverk, Sweden
  • Teknologie Doktor Honoris Causa, (2002), Lund's Royal Institute of Technology, SwedenSweden Lund's Royal Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden
Primary Department
   School of Architecture
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Research Areas
Selected Publications

Lars Lerup ""Bifurcations," in Roberto Burle Marx: The Modernity of Landscape. Cite de l'architecture & du patrimone/institut francais, d'architecture and Actar. 2011. 69-71.." 


""Lu-x-x-x-or"." Bolles & Wilson, Nieuwe Luxon Theater (2003) : 7.


""Lu-x-x-x-or"." Bolles & Wilson, Nieuwe Luxon Theater (2003) : 7.



Architectural Association London,  2011 ISBN 978-1-907896-04-0

36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

Preface Brett Steele

Forword Edward Dimendberg



Lars Lerup "Mobility's Wrath: rethinking suburbia." Submitted


Lars Lerup "Toxic Ecology: At the Limit of the Entrepreneurial City."  (2005)


Lars Lerup "After the City." : 200.


B. Hookway "Pandemonium: The Rise of Predatory Locales in the Postwar World." 


Lars Lerup "Planned Assaults: Nofamily House. Love/House, Texas Zero." 


""On Buckets & Bulldozers, The work of Yung Ho Chang and Atelier FCJZ:." Yung Ho Chang/Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, A Chinese Practice (2003/March) : 15.


"Introduction in Snooze: Immersing architecture in mass culture.." Studio Sputnik (2003)


Lars lerup "Excerpt from "After the City"." Journal of Higher Education, Melange (2000/9/8)


Lars Lerup "Stim & Dross: Rethinking the Metropolis." Assemblage 25, MIT Press, Cambridge & London (1995) : pp. 83-101.


Lars Lerup "Celsing--Write to Us!." Skala 30, Copenhagen, Denmark (1994) : pp. 48-57.


Lars Lerup "Ex Libris Architecture." Harvard Architectural Review, Cambridge, Volume 9 (1993) : pp. 42-51.

Creative Works
 Architectural Designs - RiverCity Goteborg Sweden 2011-2030
 A One Week Workshop Held in Goteborg Sweden on the Invitation by the Mayor of the City of Goteborg, Lars Lerup and GRAU, Paris, City Hall, Goteborg Sweden (5/6/2011111/6/2011)
 Invited Talks

""The Urban Question"." Inaugural Conference Delft School of Design, Delft, The Netherlands. (June 10-12,2004)


""Toxic Ecology: Rethinking the Suburban Metropolis," New Urbanism and Beyond Conference." Stockholm, Sweden. (Oct. 4-7, 2004)


"(Ask Lars - Presentation at Bauhaus)." Symposium Bauhaus Weimar/Dessau, Weimar, Germany. (June 15-16, 2004)


"The role of mobility and accessibility in the organisation of metropolises: a comparative approach on Japan and USA" ." Institut Pour la Ville en Mouvement, Paris, France. (March 29-30, 2004)


"3 Lectures at Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

  1. One Million Acres and No Zoning
  2. Levittown, Toja Alta, Puerto Rico
  3. Cities ofver 5 Million People: Problems & opportunities
." (December 2011)


"One Million Acres and No Zoning

Architectural Association, London." (February 2011)


"Relation & Object: From Bridges to Haushaltgerate." Architeckturzentrum Wien, Vienna, Austria. (November 10, 2001)


"The Question of Shape & Activity in the Suburban Metropolis." ARTIMAGE, Graz, Austria. (November 8, 2001)


"Transition: The New Suburb." Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands. (11/2000)


"Jury Member Final Projects, Anhalt University, Dessau Germany." (July 2011)


"Architectural Critic: "The Naked City", ArchiLab 2004." 6th International Conference of Orleans, Orleans, France. (Oct. 13-15, 2004)


"The Energy Efficient Dialysis Clinic

Presentation at Fresenius Medical Systems, Bad Homburg, Germany with Prof. Alfred Jacoby." (July 12, 2011)

Editorial Positions
 Editor, Architecture At Rice. Rice School of Architecture, Rice University. (2000 - 2000)

 Other, Architecture Biennale 2002, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Netherlands Institute of Architecture. (2000 - 2000)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Arnold W Brunner Rome Prize 2009-2010 American Academy in Rome, American Academy in Rome (2009)

 Swedish American 2004, Wasa Orden (August 12, 2004)

 Educator of the Year, 2006, American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter (2006)

 Distinguished Professor 2004, Association of Collegiate School of Architecture (2004)

Residencies & Summer Festivals
 The Royal Symposium 2011: The Future of Cities. The Swedish King Gustav XVI holds a symposium every other year in one of his castles inviting a small group of scholars from all over the world. , Gripsholms Castle Mariefred, Sweden. (8/5/2011-14/5/2011)
 Thesis Presentations. , Alhalt University, Dessau Germany. (25/1-28/1 2011)