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Scholarly Interest Report
Walter Bailey
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Musicology and Music History
  • B.M. (1976) Lewis and Clark College
  • M.A. (1979) University of Southern California
  • Ph.D. (1982) University of Southern California
Primary Department
   Shepherd School of Music
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Research Areas
 Musicology: Early Twentieth-Century Music; Music of Arnold Schoenberg; American Music
Teaching Areas
 Twentieth-century Music; Schoenberg; Stravinsky; Strauss, Satie; American Music
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

"'For the serious listeners who swear neither at nor by Schoenberg': Music Criticism, the Great War, and the Dawning of a New Attitude Toward Schoenberg and Ultra-Modern Music in New York City." Journal of Musicology 32/2 (Spring 2015), 279-322.


Walter B. Bailey "’Will Schoenberg Be A New York Fad?’: The 1914 American Premiere of Schoenberg’s String Quartet in D Minor." American Music, 26/1 (Spring 2008) : 37-73.


Bailey, Walter B. "The American Patron Ima Hogg and her Experiment in Audience Education: The Rice Lectureship in Music (1923-1933)." Submitted


"The American Patron Ima Hogg and Her Experiment in Audience Education: The Rice Lectureship in Music (1923-1933)." Submitted


Walter B. Bailey et al "The Schoenberg Companion." 

 Book chapters
 “Nadia Boulanger’s Three Lectures on Modern Music: Context, Content, and Reception,” in Nadia Boulanger: Histories and Legacy, edited by Johanna Keller, University of Rochester Press.
 Book reviews

Bailey, Walter B. "Review of Carolyn Livingston's "Charles Faulkner Bryan: His Life and Music"." The Journal of Southern HistoryIn Press


"Review of Houston Grand Opera's Rom¿o et Juliette." Opera News, 70/1 (July 2005): 47-48.


"Review of Houston Grand Opera's The Little Prince." Opera News Online, March 2005


Walter B. Bailey "Review of Houston Grand Opera's production of Jenufa." Opera News, 68/10 (June 2004) : 71-72.


Walter B. Bailey "Review of Houston Grand Opera's production of Julio Cesare." Opera News, 68/8 (June 2004) : 57-58.


Walter B. Bailey "Review of Houston Grand Opera's production of The Magic Flute." Opera News Online, June (2004)


Walter B. Bailey "Review of Houston Grand Opera's production of Tosca." Opera News Online (Jan. 2004)


Bailey, Walter B. "Review of Houston Grand Opera's performance of Massenet's Manon." Opera News On-Line (Aug. 2003)


Bailey, Walter B. "Review of Houston Grand Opera's world premiere of Rachel Portman's opera, The Little Prince." Opera News, 68/2 (Aug. 2003) : 65.


Bailey, W. "Review of Houston Grand Opera?s production of Carlisle Floyd?s Of Mice and Men. ." Opera News, 66/11 (May 1902) : 92-93.


Walter B. Bailey "Review of "Schoenberg and His World"." Notes, 56 (September 2000) : 143-144.


Walter B. Bailey "Six Songs, Opus 3, Eight Songs, Opus 6, and Six Orchestral songs, Opus 8." In: Schoenberg--Interpretationen seiner Werke (2001)


Walter B. Bailey "Britain, Radie." The Revised New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (accepted)


Walter B. Bailey "Schoenberg, Arnold.." The Twentieth-century Music Avant-garde: A Biocritical Sourcebook (accepted)

 Invited Papers

"Nadia Boulanger's Three Lectures in Houston." Nadia Boulanger and American Music/University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. (8 October 2004)

 Invited Talks

"Richard Strauss and Edgard Varèse: Modernism and Orchestral Color. Shepherd Society Pre-concert talk, Duncan Recital Hall (for the opening concert of the Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra).." (5 Oct. 2017)


""Folklorism and Modernism in the Works of Smetana, Prokofiev, and Lutoslawski: A Preconcert Talk for the Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra, 30 September 2016. ." (30 Sept. 2016)


"Wagner's Influence on Early Twentieth-century Composers." At "Diving Deeper: A Ring Study Day" for Houston Grand Opera patrons, March 21, 2015. In conference room at Vinson & Elkins Law Firm. 


""Alban Berg's Wozzeck: Preparing for Houston Symphony Orchestra's Concert Performance."." (13 Feb. 2013)


"Do You Hear What I Hear? A Musicologist Listens to Mozart." Rice University Alumni College, Rice University. (March 2004)


""An Important Source for Documenting the Musical Consciousness of Houston in the 1920s: The Rice Lectureship in Music." Twenty-Fifth Annual Converence of the Sonneck Society for American Music, Fort Worth, Texas. (March 10, 1999)


"An Important Source for Documenting the Musical Consciousness of Houston in the 1920s: The Rice Lectureship in Music." American Musicological Society Southwest Chapter Meeting, Baylor University. (April 17, 1999)

Supervised Theses & Dissertations
 Elizabeth Buck, Doctor of Musical Arts The Orchestral Flute Audition: An Examination of Preparation Methods and Techniques. (2002) (Thesis Co-Director)

 William Curt Thompson, Doctor of Musical Arts The Fourth Sonata for Violin and Piano, "Children's Day at the Camp Meeting," by Charles Ives: Contextual, Structural, and Stylistic Considerations. (2002) (Thesis Director)

 Marcus St. Julien, Doctor of Musical Arts Lynnwood Farnam, American Classic Organist. (2002) (Thesis Director)

 Kathryn Giorgio, Bachelor of Music Dating the Songs of Gustav Mahler's Kindertotenlieder. (2002) (Thesis Director)

 Andrea Jaber, Doctor of Musical Arts Warren Benson's Five Lyrics of Louise Bogan. (2002) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Michael Zuraw, Doctor of Musical Arts Frederic Rzewski's North American Ballads. (2002) (Thesis Committee Member)

 James Bishop, Doctor of Musical Arts The Phoenix for Orchestra. (2003) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Sergio Ruiz, Doctor of Musical Arts The Chamber Music of Enrique Granados. (2003) (Thesis Director)

 Jimmy Louis Haisler, Master of Music in Musicology Interpretive Approaches to the Lieder of Clara Schumann. (2003) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Milton Rub¿n Laufer, Doctor of Musical Arts Isaac Alb¿niz and La Vega: A Publication History and New Edition. (2003) (Thesis Director)

 Doctor of Musical Arts The Figures de r¿sonances and 2 pr¿ludes of Henri Dutilleux: Analysis and Context. (2003) (Thesis Director)

 Julia Michele Grenfell, Doctor of Musical Arts The Influence of Traditional Asian Music on an Australian Composer: A Study of Thee Works for Flute and Piano by Anne Boyd. (2003) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Sergio Hermosillo Ruiz, Doctor of Musical Arts The Chamber Music of Enrique Granados. (2004) (Thesis Director)

 Doctor of Musical Arts Adventurous Music: Lukas Foss' Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. (2004) (Thesis Director)

 Huay Ming Ng, Doctor of Musical Arts Strike!. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Aidan Soder, Doctor of Musical Arts Arnold Schoenberg's Pierrot lunaire: A Study of Sprechstimme and Vocal Performance Practice through Sound Recording. (2005) (Thesis Director)

 Hae-Young You, Doctor of Musical Arts Western Music in Modern Korea. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Elaine Evans Walters, Doctor of Musical Arts Everyone Dance: An Analysis of Calvin Hamption's Five Dances for Organ. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Francesca Deflorian, Master of Music Marco Anzoletti. A Preliminary Catalog of his Instrumental Works. (2005) (Thesis Director)

 Hannah Mowrey, Master of Music Unification By Replication; Music, Architecture, and the Imperial Image of Ercole I d'Este. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

 James C. Hall, Doctor of Musical Arts An Analytical Study of John Mustos Encounters for Tenor and Orchestra. (2006) (Thesis Director)

 Thomas Conroy, Doctor of Musical Arts Symphonic Metamorphosis on a Theme of Carl Maria von Weber. (2006) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Ying Zhang, Doctor of Musical Arts A Stylistic, Contextual, and Musical Analysis of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43. (2008) (Thesis Director)

 Kirsten Annica Yon, Doctor of Musical Arts A Distinctive Legacy: The Musical, Histoical, and Practical Evolution of the American Concertmaster from the 1950s to the Present. A Comparative Examination of the Concermaster Position and Concertmaster Lineage in Modern-day America. (2008) (Thesis Director)

 Michael Esch, Doctor of Musical Arts The Meditative and the Bacchanalian: A Comprehensive Examination of Structural and Aesthetic Nuances, and Possible Pedagogical Applications Within Francois Morel's Deux Etudes de Sonorite (1954). (2008) (Thesis Director)

 Cameron Mitchell Smith, Doctor of Musical Arts Folk and Western Influences in Pancho Vladigerov's Rhapsody Vardar. (2008) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Kendra Wharton, Master of Music Schottisches and Scars: Finding the Unity in Music During the Division of the Civil War. (2009) (Thesis Director)

 Matthew Nelson, DMA Clarinet Music of Morton Feldman. (2010) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Sarah Spencer Rawley, DMA He Luting: Musical Defiance in Maoist China. (2010) (Thesis Director)

 Kana Mimaki, DMA Piano Technology/Performance. (2010) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Ornan Seth Ward, DMA New York Morning (Original composition for orchestra). (2010) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Brian Nelson, DMA [original composition]. (2010) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Nicolai Jacobsen, DMA Skitter (original composition for chamber orchestra). (2010) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Katherine Lewis, DMA Extramusical Elements in Selected VIola Works of Libby Larsen. (2010) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Craig Hauschildt, DMA Golijov and Ayre. (2013) (Thesis Director)

 Mark Whatley, DMA Songs of Pizzetti. (2014) (Thesis Director)

 Marcus DeLoach, DMA Ralph Vaughan Williams's Walt Whitman Settings. (2014) (Thesis Director)

 Qingfan Jiang, MM Reconstructing the Musical Past in Fin-de-Siècle France. (2014) (Thesis Director)

 Lachezar Kostov, DMA DMA document on Prokofiev Cello Concerto. (2016) (Thesis Director)