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Scholarly Interest Report
Wesley A. Morris
Professor of English
  • B.A (1961) University of Kentucky
  • M.A. (1963) University of Kentucky
  • Ph.D. (1967) University of Iowa
Primary Department
   Department of English
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Department Affiliations
  • Department of English
     Literary Theory Page
    Research Areas
     Literary theory, Modern American Literature, the novel, William Faulkner, Modernism/Postmodernism

    Development of two courses (ENGL 300 and ENGL 260).


    I am presently engaged in the study of what can only be called "postmodern aesthetics." This study will trace the movement between modern and postmodern cultures and the images produced which define the nature of art. I am constructing a book which will focus on US and Bitish culture during the critical period of 1967-1968, a particularly interesting period of cultural crisis which defines the shift from modern to postmodern aesthetics. I will also continue my previous work on modern American novelists, particularly William Faulkner

    The Origins of Postmodernism
     A study of the emergence of postmodern cultural expressions in the American 1960s.
    Teaching Areas
     Modern American Novel and Poetry, Postmodernism, Literary Theory, Modern American Drama
    Selected Publications

    Wesley Morris "Book Review: "William Faulkner: The Making of a Modernist," Daniel J. Singal.." American Literature (Spring, 2001) : 203-204.


    Wesley Morris "Of Wisdom and Competence." The Revenge of the Aesthetic, (2000) : 136-157.

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Marshall Needleman Armintor, Ph.D. Significant Returns: Lacan, Masculinity, and Modernist Traditions. (2002) (Thesis Director)

     Benjamin T. Saxton, Ph.D. Grotesque Subjects: Dostoevsky and Modern Southern Literature. (2014) (Thesis Committee Member)