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Scholarly Interest Report
Stephen A. Tyler
Hubert S. Autrey Professor of Anthropology
  • B.A. (1957) Simpson College
  • M.A.(1962) Stanford University
  • Ph.D.(1964) Stanford University
Department Affiliations
  • Asian Studies
  • Center for Cultural Studies
  • Cognitive Sciences Program
     international rhetoric-culture program
    Research Areas
     Dravidian languages and cultures, cognitive studies, postmodernism. Koya Language and Culture.
    International Project in Rhetoric and Culture
      Currently involvd in a joint project with Ivo Strecker,at Mainz Germany funded by the Volkswagen Stiftung. Project consists of a series of conferences dedicated to exploring the organization of discourse across several disciplines.
    Koya Etymological Dictionary
     Collating text entries from linguistic material previously colected with entry items in the Dravidian Etymological Dictionary and tracing phonological and semantic changes from proto-Central Dravidian.
    rhetoric culture project
     Funded by the Volksvagen Stiftung. Four international conferences over the last 5 years at Mainz University, Mainz, Germany. Last two conferences in Feb 05 and July 05. For details see: http://international rhetoric-culture project. Project focuses on the cross-cultural analysis of rhetorical practices and on the uses of rhetoric in guiding and reporting ethnogeraphic research and theory. Twelve volumes are under contract with Berghahn Books under the general editorship of S.Tyler (Rice), I. Strecker, and C. Meyer Mainz).
    language death
     with Matt Shibatani, Linguistics Dept., Rice. Funded by Shell Sustainability Grant. Study focuses on how languages die out and how sthey sustain thenmselves
    Koya texts
     ethnographic texts concerning aspects of Koya cultureto be translated and published
    Indus Writing System
     attempts to translate the writing system of the Indus civilization, ca 3500BC-1500BC
    rhetoric culture
     an interational project exploring the relationship between rhetoric and culture. Funded by the Volksvagen Stiftung.
     This is a series of international conferences (two completed and two projected for 2005) in cooperation with Ivo Strecker, Mainz University. Conferences are funded by a grant from the Volksvagen Stiftung. For more details see web site: http://rhetoric-culture.sowi.uni-mainz.de
    Language Sustainability
     Research in coopeation with Matt Shibatani, Dept. of Linguistics, Rice University. Funded by Shell Sustainability Project. Investigation of "language death" and how marginal languages can persist in the contemporary world where only a few written languages are hegemonic.
    Teaching Areas
     cognitive anthropology, language and culture, India, Hermeneutics
    Selected Publications
     Editor of books

    New York: Berghahn Books


    Ivo Strecker and Stephen A. Tyler, series editors "Culture and Rhetoric, vols 2-4." 


    stephen Tyler (ed) "Festschrift for Ivo Strecker." In Revision

     Book chapters

    Stephen A. Tyler "the antinomies." anthropology in theory, 10-0631-22915-9: 305-310.


    Stephen A. Tyler "transports of Ecstasy." Festschrift for Ivo StreckerSubmitted


    Tyler, S. "memory and discourse." relations and functions within and around language (2002) : 189-224.

     Book reviews
     book review for American Anthropologist

    Rukmini Nair (ed) "Translation, Text, and Theory." Asian Studies reviewIn Press


    Tyler, S. "anthropology with an attitude." Journal of Anthropological researchSubmitted


    "review of "Religion Against the Self," by Isabelle Nabokov, Oxford, 2000, In Journal of Anthrpopological Research, in press." 


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    "Even Steven or No Strings Attached." 


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    S. Tyler "Them Others-Voices Without Mirrors." Paideumu, 44 (1998) : 31-50.

     Invited Talks

    speaker.  "linguistics and rhetoric." linguistic department, rice University. (Dec. 2003)


    speaker.  "India: colonial land policy." Rice University, Continuing Studies, Rice University. (March 2005)


    "Transports of Ecstasy." Linguistics Symposium on Causality, Rice University. (April 2000)


    "Cognitive Science--History and Prospects." Inaugural Lecture for Cognitive Science Dept., University of Northern Illinois. (April, 1999)


    "Ethnorhetoric." Linguistics Colloquium, Rice University. (April 1999)


    "Even Steven or No Strings Attached." Conference on the "Gift", Rice University. (Marchd 1999)


    "The Pluralization of Discourse and the Decline of General Persuasion." Writing Across the Disciplines, Cornell University. (June 1999)


    "Rhetoric and Anthropology." European Association for Social Anthropology., Frankfurt, Germany. (September 4-8, 1998)

    Editorial Positions
     Associate Editor, Journal of Anthropological Research. Univ. of New Mexico. (2008 - 2008)

     Associate Editor, Journal of Anthropological Research, Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of New Mexico. (2000 - 2000)

     Associate Editor, Journal of Anthropological Research. Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of New Mexico. (1999 - 1999)

     Associate Editor, journal of anthropological research. Univ. of New Mexico. (2005 - 2005)

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Pumsup Shim, Ph.D Rhetoric of Religious Discourse. (8) (Thesis Director)

     Jaya Hariprasad, Ph.D Marriage and Nation: Victorian iterature, The Anglo-Indian Tradition, and the 19th century Indian Novel.. (8) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Erkan Saka, Ph.D Mediating the European Union. (8) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Erkan Saka, Ph.D Mediating the European Union. (8) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Timothy A. Woods, phd Cambodian historical sites. (2002) (Thesis Director)

     Rolando F. Armendariz, ph.d Grammar of River Warihiro. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Stephen l'Argent Hood, ph.d autochtony, promised land, and exile:Athens and Jerusalem revisited. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Angela Rivas, ph.d Gorgeous monster: the artws of managing violence in contemporay Bogota. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)

     tarra drevet, ph.d Broken story lines: how the economics of flexibility is affecting international migration discourse. (2005) (Thesis Committee Member)