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Scholarly Interest Report
Damian Blattler
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Music Theory
  • A.B. Music (2006) Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • Ph.D. Music Theory (2013) Yale University, New Haven, CT
Primary Department
   Shepherd School of Music
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Research Areas
 French Music of the 20th Century; Mathematical Approaches to Music Theory; History of Music Theory
Teaching Areas
 Music Analysis, Music Theory
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

Damian Blättler "A Voicing-Based Model for Additive Harmony." Music Theory Online, 23.3 (2017)


Damian Blättler "History of Additive Harmonic Theory." Theoria, 24 (2017) Accepted


Damian Blattler "Louis Andriessen's "De Stijl" and Rendering Mondrian Musical." In Progress


Damian Blattler "Ravel's Octatonic Scripts." Music Theory SpectrumIn Progress


Damian Blattler "Supplanted Sonata-Form Procedures in Parisian Modernist Works." In Progress

 Conference Paper

"Louis Andriessen’s ‘De Stijl’ and Rendering Mondrian Musical." European Music Analysis Conference, Strasbourg. (June 2017)


"How Far Can Rameau Go?: The Breakdown of Historical Strategies for Theorizing Dissonant Chords in Twentieth-Century Tonal Repertoires." Texas Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, El Paso. (2/27/15)


"Ravel's Octatonic Scripts." Music Theory Midwest Annual Meeting, Oakland University, MI. (5/8/15)


"Ravel's Octatonic Scripts." Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic Annual Meeting, Princeton, NJ. (3/14/15)


"Ravel's Octatonic Scripts." New England Conference of Music Theorists Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. (4/25/15)


"The Galant Schemata Dice Game." Pedagogy Interest Group meeting, Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO. (10/31/15)


"Empirical Approaches to Musical Narrative." (11/3/16)

Supervised Theses & Dissertations
 Richard Marshall, DMA The Anxiety of Influence and Samuel Barber's Piano Concerto. (2017) (Thesis Director)

 Filip Blachnio, DMA The Evolution of Musical Language in the Sonatas of Alexander Scriabin. (2017) (Thesis Director)