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Scholarly Interest Report
Andrea Ballestero
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • MA Environmental Law (2002) UCI, Costa Rica
  • BA Law (1997) Escuela Libre de Derecho, Costa Rica
  • M.Sc. Natural Resource Policy (2004) University of Michigan, MI
  • PhD Anthropology (2010) University of California-Irvine, California, US
Primary Department
   Department of Anthropology
Department Affiliations
  • Department of Anthropology
    Research Areas
     Legal and political anthropology, science and technology studies, political economy, materiality, human rights, liberalism, nature and ontology.
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    Ballestero, A. (2012). "Transparency Short-Circuited: Laughter and Numbers in Costa Rican Water Politics." PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 35(2): 223-241.


    Ballestero, A. (2012). "Transparency in Triads." PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 35(2): 160-166.

     Book chapters

    Ballestero, A. (forthcoming) Theory as Parallax and Provocation. Invited contribution to Marcus, G. J. Faubion, and D. Boyer (Eds.), Theory can be much more than it used to be: Learning Anthropology's Method in a Time of Transition.


    Ballestero, A. (2012). The productivity of non-religious faith: openness, pessimism and water in Latin America. Nature, Science and Religion. C. Tucker. Santa FE, NM, School for Advanced Research (SAR).

     Book reviews

    Ballestero, A. (In Press). "Review of Theory from the South: or, How Euro-America is evolving toward Africa." PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review.


    Ballestero, A. (2011). "Review of Gardening the World: Agency, Identity, and the Ownership of Water." American Anthropologist 113(3): 535.

     Refereed conference papers

    “How do Beets and Pantyhose make Water (un)Affordable? Experiments against definitional desires in thinking water materially” presented at the Society for Cultural Anthropology bi-annual meetings, Providence, Rhode Island. May 11-13


    “Prices as Political Devices” at Joint 4S and EASST Annual Meetings, Copenhagen, Denmark. October 17-19.


    Ballestero, Andrea (2012) Transparency in Triads. Special Issue of Political and Legal Anthropology Review (PoLAR). 35:2

     Invited Papers

    "“What’s in a percentage? At Regulatory Translations: Affect, Uncertainty and Expertise in the Global Scene."

     Invited Talks

    “How do Beets and Pantyhose make Water (un)affordable? Technique, Ethics and the Future in Costa Rica,” Anthropology Department, Rice University.


    “Prices without Markets: Water, Ethical Entanglements and Calculation in the Era of Rights,” at CRESC, University of Manchester.


    “Prices without Markets: Water, Ethical Entanglements and Calculation in the Era of Rights”, at Trans-Science Conference University of Chicago.


    “Prosthetic Experiments with the Self: the politics of transparency in Costa Rica” to Intel Social Science Research Lab, Portland, Oregon.


    "“Translating Human Rights and the Private: Water Regulation in Costa Rica” at Law and Society Annual Meetings, Boston May-June 1st.."

    Editorial Positions
     Editor for Special Issue, PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review. American Anthropological Association-Willey Blackwell. (2012 - 2012)

     Editor for Special Issue, Political and Legal Anthorpology Review. (2012 - 2012)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Humanities Research Fellow, Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University (2011)

     Regulation and the World Society Fellowship, National Humanities Center, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Germany and Indiana University, USA (2011)