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Scholarly Interest Report
Michael Wayne Fagan
Faculty Fellow
  • B.A. (1977) Mathematical Sciences Rice University
  • B.A. (1977) Mathematics Rice University
  • B.S. (1977) Electrical Engineering Rice University
  • M.E. (1978) Electrical Engineering Rice University
  • Ph.D. (1991) Computer Science Rice University
Research Areas
 Automatic Differentiation, parallel algorithms and parallel programming, problem solving environments, and augmentation of scientific computer programs to compute additional classes of values.
Research Statement
 The objective of my research program is to advance the theory and practice of program augmentation, including automatic differentiation, by both developing new algorithms and creating programming tools that enable the convenient application of augmentation techniques.

A secondary objective for my research program is to construct useful scientific problem solving environments, especially for facilitating the effective use of high performance computing. I believe that program augmentation will be a big part of such environments.
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

M. Fagan, U. Naumann, N. Tallent, and J. Utke "OpenAD." Transactions of Mathematical Software (2006) In Press


Mike Fagan "Derivatives By-Address for Fortran 77." CAAM Technical Report, TR06-20 (2006)

 Refereed conference papers
 "Data Representation Alternatives in Semantically Augmented Numerical Models",with J. Utke and L. Hascoet. In Proceedings of 6th IEEE International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), Sept. 2006
 Invited Talks

Invited Speaker.  "Improving the Verification and Validation Process." LACSI Mini-symposium, Santa Fe, NM. (October 16-19, 2006)


Invited Speaker.  "Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of Simulation Programs via Program Augmentation." University of Chicago FLASH Center, Chicago, IL. (May 24, 2006)


Invited Speaker.  "Improving the Verification and Validation Process Using Program Augmentation." Petascale Laboratory for Simulation (PETALS) Workshop on Software Engineering, Knoxville, TN. (Dec 5, 2006)