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Scholarly Interest Report
Dawn Finley
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Architecture
  • B.S. Architecture (1993) University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Ann Arbor, MI
  • M. ARCH (1999) Rice School of Architecture, Rice University, Houston
Primary Department
   School of Architecture
Research Areas
 Architecture // Speculative Studies of 20th Century Graphic Representation and Visualization
Teaching Areas
 Graduate Core Architecture Design Studio (A503), Advanced Representation Seminar (A333/533), Freshman Design Studio (A102)
Selected Publications

Dawn Finley "Assuming Risk." Log 5


Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble "Relationships Supercede Dimensions." Perspecta 38In Revision


Abby Bussel "These Boots are Made for Walking." Architecture, January (2004) : 86-93.


Richard Brettell "Lightness Rendered Artfully." Texas Architect, March/April (2004) : 28-29.


Robin Abrams "The Nasher's Living Room." Texas Architect, March/April (2004) : 20-27.

 Book chapters

Michael Bell "16 Houses: Designing the Public's Private House."  (2004)

 Book reviews

Bay Brown "Book Review: 16 Houses: Designing the Public's Private House." Architecture (April 2004) : 89.

 Conference papers
 Site::Offsite Conference Document

_ "2015 Studio Awards, J-Camp." Texas Architect, Volume 65, No. 6 (November/December 2015) : 24.


Fast Forward >> Toward a Design and Politics for Metroburbia. "Klip House." (Project Contributors Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble, Interloop-Architecture), Edited by Dana Cuff and Roger Sherman. Princeton Architectural Press. 2011


Gloss Home Magazine, The Houston Chronicle. "A New Slant," Melanie Warner Spencer. 9° House. October 6, 2011


The Houston Chronicle. "Design 9 Ways," Melanie Warner Spencer. 9° House featured in AIA Houston 25th Annual Home Tour. p. E1, E5. October 22, 2011


The Houston Chronicle. "METRO Debuts Visions for a New Rail Central Station," by Andy Warren. January 26, 2012


Finley, Dawn "Twenty Projects at the Boundaries of the Architectural Discipline Examined in Relation to the historical and Contemporary Debates over Autonomy." Perspecta 33, Mining Autonomy The Yale Architectural Journal (2002) : 54-71.


Finley, Dawn and Mark Wamble, Interloop A/D "The Rest of the World Exists (Notes on System Form)." Perspecta 34, The Yale Architectural Journal (2003)

Creative Works
 Architectural Designs - 54' Addition
 Residential building addition & renovation, Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (Jan 2015 - present)
 Commissioned Works - DAIS _ Community Engagement Design
 Confidential performance space design for an established museum institution in Houston, Texas., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (Jan 2015 - present)
 Built Works - Asterisk Scape
 Private garden and pool - The project plan is generated through a sequence of pentagram shapes that link diagonally across the lawn. Each pentagram is materially detailed to accommodate social and recreational activities. , Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (Jan 2013 - April 2014)
 Commissioned Works - J-Camp
 Site Planning and Design of Year-Round Campground Complex on Lake Texoma, Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Lake Texoma, Texas (Nov 2013 - present)
 Commissioned Works - Studio MAT (YS2)
 Design of a private studio for teaching and practicing Ashtanga yoga. Houston,Texas, Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, (Jan 2014 - present)
 Commissioned Works - ASC Identity
 Identity and web graphic design for innovative architectural product company., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, (2012-present)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Civic Collection"
 Exhibition of graduate studio civic typology precedent research - physical models abstract the relationship between structure, envelope, and media. Axonometric diagrams present thesis statements. , Rice School of Architecture, (September - December 2012)
 Exhibitions - Solo - 10 Decades
 Research and Design Exhibition constructing a centennial history of RSA. Ten graphically provocative, interactive books were presented on on a thirty foot long table. Supported by RSA, RDA, and ArCH Foundation., Dawn Finley, Architecture Center Houston Foundation, (September 21 - November 1, 2012)
 Exhibitions - Solo - 10 Decades (exerpt)
 A condensed reproduction of the 10 Decades research and design exhibition is exhibited at Anderson Hall, Rice University., Dawn Finley, Anderson Hall, Rice University. Houston, (October 2012)
 Commissioned Works - A Better Bungalow - Menil Foundation
 Short-list commissioned design concept study for private institution in Houston, Texas - including building, renovation, material research, and landscape., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (December 2012)
  Exhibitions - Group - BIAS: Between Information and Space
 Exhibition of design work (graphic projects and booklets) directed by Dawn Finley, Dawn Finley assisted by graduate and undergraduate students., Rice School of Architecture, Houston, Texas (March 20 - May 1, 2012)
  Exhibitions - Group - Central Station - Main "Open Transfer"
 Exhibition of design entry for national design competition in Houston, Texas., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, (January 24 - February 14)
 Built Works - Inside Corner House - Houston
 Building commission for concept design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (2012 - 2014)
 Commissioned Works - Welch Street House Concept Study
 Concept Study for 2,100 s.f. building addition., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (May 15 - July 15, 2012)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Presenting Publics"
 Exhibition of graduate studio library typology precedent research - physical models abstract the relationship between structure, envelope, and media. Axonometric diagrams and cut-away wall section details. , Rice School of Architecture, Houston, Texas (September - December 2011)
 Commissioned Works - Addison Residence Concept Design
 Commission for new building in Houston, Texas., Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (November 2011 - January 2012)
 Commissioned Works - Central Station - Main, Invited Design Competition
 Invitation and commission to submit a design proposal for a new landmark in Downtown Houston: Central Station - Main., Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (2011-2012)
 Architectural Designs - Deliberate Boundaries: in Free and Raum
 Research design project, Dawn Finley, (2011-2012)
 Built Works - Yoga Studio and Garden
 Interloop-Architecture, Private Client, Houston, Texas (2007-2011)
 Commissioned Works - Hempstead Research Center
 Concept study for future expansion of 19.1 acre existing garden to combine with 20 acre property. , Interloop-Architecture, Hempstead, Texas. United States (2010-2011)
 Built Works - 9 House
 Private Residence , Interloop-Architecture, J. & M. Johnson, Houston, Texas (2006-2009)
 Commissioned Works - Finca Nogales Residence
 Private Residence on 22 Acre Cattle Ranch, Interloop-Architecture, Private Client, Salta, Argentina (2009-present)
 Other - Hometta
 Web Based Home Plan Delivery Service, Dawn Finley, Co-Founder and Designer, Houston, Texas. United States (2008-present)
 Commissioned Works - Rachofsky Residence
 Private Residence and Gallery, Architect of Record: Interloop-Architecture, Private Client, Dallas, Texas (2009)
 Commissioned Works - Global Energy Corporate Learning Center
 Design Charette for Global Energy Company - Phase 1 & 2, Workstation Classrooms. , Interloop-Architecture, BP, Houston, Texas (2008)
 Commissioned Works - Janelia Farm Housing
 Study for 60 Units of Housing, Interloop-Architecture, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Ashburn, Virginia United States (2008-2009)
 Commissioned Works - Reiss Residence
 Private Residence, Courtyard, and Guest House, Interloop-Architecture, Private Client, Houston, Texas (2006-2008)
 Commissioned Works - Wiess College Commons and Courtyard
 The Wiess College Design Committee, College Master Katherine Donato, and Rice University Facilities & Engineering, Interloop-Architecture, Rice University. Houston, Texas (2005-2006)
 Commissioned Works - Williams-Conway Residence
 Private Residence and Painting Studio on White Oak Bayou, Interloop-Architecture, Private Client, Houston, Texas (2005-2006)
 Built Works - 48' House
 Private Residence and Workspace, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, Texas (2004-2006)
 Built Works - E-X-I-T
 Custom exit light designed and fabricated by Interloop-Architecture for the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas., Designer and Fabricator: Interloop-Architecture, The Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas (2002-2004)
 Built Works - Julia's Bistro
 Restaurant, Bar, and Graphic Identiy, Interloop-Architecture, Houston, TX. USA (2002-2004)
 Built Works - Nasher Sculpture Center
 Museum Building and Garden, Associate Architect: Interloop-Architecture, The Nasher Foundation, Dallas, TX. USA (2001-2003)
 Architectural Designs - Perth Amboy High School Competition
 450,000sf Public High School, Interloop-Architecture, Perth Amboy, NJ. USA (2003)
 Built Works - Plug-On
 Residential Housing Product Prototype, Interloop-Architecture, Richardson, TX. USA (2002-2003)
 Built Works - Tending (Blue)
 Museum Building for Artwork by James Turrell, Interloop-Architecture, Dallas, TX. USA (2002-2003)
 Commissioned Works - 1ab: First Architecture Biennale
 Interloop-Architecture, NAI, Rotterdam, NL (2002)
  Exhibitions - Group - Aluminum in Contemporary Architecture: Houston Products Lab
 Architecture Design Exhibition, Interloop-Architecture, Heinz Architectural Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA (November 2000 - February 2001)
 Commissioned Works - Klip House
 Klip is a consumer based housing platform, a delivery system that provides the physical and operational infrastructure for trade corporations to participate in the production, delivery, and servicing of housing. , Interloop-Architecture, Fifth Ward Redevelopment Corporation and DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas (1997-2001)
 Commissioned Works - Do Post
 Product Design, Product Designer: Dawn Finley, Interloop-Architecture, Milan Furniture Fair and Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Milan, Italy (2000)
 Commissioned Works - Houston Products Laboratory
 Interloop-Architecture, Woodplane, Inc., Houston, TX. USA (1997-2000)
 Invited Papers

Author, Panel Member.  "Looking Forward." Site::Offsite, Architecture and the Factory Built House, University of Texas, Austin. (November 2004)

 Invited Talks

Open Transer - presentation of Central Station Design Invited Competition proposal. Insider Trading Series. Rice School of Architecture. March 20, 2012


"Assuming Risk." UH Summer Discovery Program, Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture. Houston, Texas. (June 2005) With Dawn Finley


"Looping Back." A132 Course by J.Casbarian. Rice School of Architecture. 2005.


"Graphic Systems

Invited Lecture through the Texas Institute for the Preservation of History & Culture (TIPHC) Lecture Series at Prairie View A&M University School of Architecture." (February 6, 2014)


"Graphic Relief

Invited public lecture at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, School of Architecture.." (October 9, 2013)


"Plausible Futures - Spotlight on Rice University’s School of Architecture. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. October 2011." (October 25, 2011)


Tours d'Art Architecture: Interloop-Architecture's Pratt-Vasquez Residence was selected as an architectural tour destination in Houston by Stephen Fox, architectural historian, for the national organization Tours d'Art, headed by Karen Bergenthal of Milwaukee. Principals Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble were invited to present the building, completed in 2014.


"Relevance: Invited Respondent for "Only Connect" lecture by Architect and Critic Sam Jacobs, through the RSA Cullinan Lecture Series, Fall 2015 ." (November 10, 2015)



Print and Screen: Invited Respondent for Print and Screen—Interface Design, a Colloquium organized by Reto Geiser at the Menil Collection. 
." (November 20, 2014)


"Invited Juror. Tulane University School of Architecture Thesis Reviews. New Orleans, LA. Spring 2005."


"Modulations. Paul A. Kennon Memorial Symposium. (Moderator). Rice School of Architecture. Houston, TX. Spring 2005."


"Open House: Intelligent Living by Design. Invited Competitor for Research and Design Exhibition. Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein & Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. 2005."


"ArtHouse Jones Center. Invited Competitor for Building Design Proposal. Austin, Texas (2004)."


"Notes on System Form." Max Fisher Visiting Lecturer, University of Michigan; Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. (Fall 2002) With Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble, Interloop A/D


"I_T Mat: 3 Working Proposals." EC-US Exchange, Princeton University. (October 2001) With Dawn Finley


"KlipHouse." Fabrications Seminar, Instructor: Keller Easterling, Yale School of Architecture. (Spring 2001) With Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble


"SideLine; Physical and Operational Infrastructures." Design of Our Times, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. (Spring 2001) With Dawn Finley


"Sifting Through - presentation at RSA LAUNCH summer architecture program.." (June 28, 2012)

Supervised Theses & Dissertations
 Philip Lee, M.Arch Living with Topography. (2003) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Kristin Akkerman Schuster, M.Arch Sea Change, or Impending Dune. (2003) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Marc Frohn, M.Arch Impressario of Change. (2004) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Karlene Morgan, M.Arch (Light Rail). (2004) (Thesis Director)

 Kathy Williams, M.Arch (Urban Scapes). (2004) (Thesis Director)

 Naseema Asif, M.Arch Transparency. (2004) (Thesis Director)

 Susanna Hohmann, M.Arch Felt: A Material Proposition. (2005) (Thesis Director)

 Stephanie Millet, M.Arch Hospice House. (2006) (Thesis Director)

 Nathan Smith, M.Arch (Boundaries). (2006) (Thesis Committee Member)

 Courtney Benzon, Master of Architecture Activating the Sixth Facade. (2012) (Thesis Director)

 Riley Neal, M.Arch XS Elementary. (2013) (Thesis Director)

 Joseph Altshuler, Master of Architecture The Cast of Civic Characters. (2015) (Thesis Director)

 Maia Adele Simon, Master of Architecture Phenomenal Opacity. (2015) (Thesis Director)

 Robert Dan Baklik, Master of Architecture Both If and Either Or. (2016) (Thesis Director)

 Susan Armsby, World Roadtrip: Rethinking Road Accommodation for Global Roadtrip Scenarios. (Thesis Director)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 ARCHITECT 2016 R+D Award "Winner" - LELU , ARCHITECT Magazine (July 2016)

 DesignIntelligence 25 Most Admired Educators for 2016, Design Futures Council (November 18, 2015)

 Texas Society of Architects 2015 Studio Award: J-Camp, Texas Society of Architects (September 2015)

 AIA Design Award for On the Boards Architecture - J Camp, American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter (July 23, 2015)

 RDA Architecture Tour "Additionally": Yoga Studio and Garden, The Rice Design Alliance (March 2014)

 AIA Design Award for Residential Architecture - 9 House , American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter (March 22, 2012)

 AIA Design Award for On the Boards Architecture - Hempstead Garden Research Center , American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter (March 22, 2012)

 AIA Design Award for Residential Architecture - Yoga Studio and Garden , American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter (March 22, 2012)

 AIA Houston 25th Annual Home Tour, AIA Houston (October 2011)

 Final Juror - UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, Department of Architecture. Undergraduate Third Year Studios (December 3/4, 2012)
 Final Juror - University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) School of Architecture. Graduate Design Studios (December 10/11, 2012)
 Invited Juror - Graduate Thesis Reviews. University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning. , Ann Arbor, MI. (April 30 & May 1, 2014)
 Invited Juror - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) School of Architecture + Planning - MArch Thesis Reviews & MArch Seminar Review. , Boston, MA. (December 17-18, 2014)
 Invited Juror - University of Illinois Chicago School of Architecture - undergraduate and graduate design work Year End Show.. , Chicago, IL. (May 9, 2014)
 Invited Juror - University of Minnesota College of Design, School of Architecture. (May 13-14, 2013)
 Juror - RSA Fall Design Charrette. , Houston, Texas. (October 23, 2011)
 Tulane University School of Architecture Thesis Reviews. Invited Juror, New Orleans, LA. (Spring 2005)