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Scholarly Interest Report
Neyran Turan
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Architecture Architecture Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Masters in Architecture Architecture Yale University , USA
  • Doctor of Design Architecture Urbanism Harvard University, USA
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 New Geographies
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

Neyran Turan, “Strait,” MONU 20: Geographical Urbanism (Spring 2014): 40-45. 


Neyran Turan, “Typo,” MAS CONTEXT 21: Repetition (Spring 2014): 66–82. 


Neyran Turan, “Museum of Lost Volumes,” Scenario Journal 5 (2015), forthcoming.


Neyran Turan, “Flat Primitive,” SAN ROCCO 8 (Spring 2014), Milan, pp. 108-114. 


Neyran Turan, “New Commons: Between Aesthetics and Engagement,” Conditions 13: Independent Scandinavian Magazine on Architecture and Urbanism (Spring 2014):32-35.


Neyran Turan, “Spatial Formats: Oil and Gas Fields of the North Sea” in: Thresholds 27: Exploration (Spring 2004): 87-91. (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press).


Neyran Turan, “Both and Neither,” ARQA 96/97 (Portuguese Contemporary Art and Architecture Magazine), Lisbon, September 2011.


Neyran Turan "On. vs. About." PLAT 0.5 (2010)


Neyran Turan, “Positioning New Geographies,” Conversation with Mohsen Mostafavi, in New Geographies #0: Design, Agency, Territory (Harvard University Graudate School of Design, 2008), pp.144-149.


Neyran Turan "TechnoSea Urbanism of the North Sea." Bidoun Magazine # 10: Technology (2007)

 Editor of books

Hashim Sarkis and Neyran Turan, Turkish Triangle: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir at the Gates of Europe, (Cambridge: Mass., Harvard Graduate School of Design& Harvard University Press, 2010).


Neyran Turan and Stephen Ramos, editors-in-chief, New Geographies#1: After Zero (Harvard University Press, 2009).



Eric Mumford, Hashim Sarkis, and Neyran Turan, Josep Lluis Sert: The Architect of Urban Design, 1953-1969 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008). 


Neyran Turan, editor-in-chief, New Geographies #0: Design, Agency, Territory (Harvard University Press, 2008). 

 Book chapters

Neyran Turan, “Against Gross: Architectural Urbanism of Mathias Ungers” in ThinkSpace: Past Forward (Zagreb and New York: Zagreb Society of Architects, 2013), pp. 192-205. ISBN 9789537939007.


 Neyran Turan, “The Dubai Effect,” in: The Superlative City: Dubai and the Urban Condition in the Early Twenty-First Century, ed. by Ahmed Kanna, (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013), pp. 88-103. ISBN 9780977122431.


Neyran Turan, “The Strait, the Beach and the Highway: Shifting Territories and the Geographic Imagination of Istanbul 1935-1960,” in Landscapes of Development, ed. by Pani Pyla (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013). ISBN 9780977122448.


Neyran Turan, "New Geographies,” in 20/20: Editorial Takes on Architectural Discourse, ed. by Kirk Wooler (London: AA Publications, 2011), pp. 219-227. ISBN 978-1907896002.


Neyran Turan, “Towards an Ecological Urbanism for Istanbul,” in Mega-Cities: Urban Form, Governance, and Sustainability, ed. by Andre Sorensen et. al., (London: Springer-Verlag, 2010), pp.223-243. ISBN 978-4431992660. 

 Book reviews

Neyran Turan, Close Up at a Distance: Mapping, Technology and Politics by Laura Kurgan, New York: Zone Books, 2013, pp. 228. Published in: Constructs Journal (New Haven: Yale University School of Architecture, February 2014).  

 Refereed conference papers

Neyran Turan "Megaformal." ACSA Flip Your Field Conference Proceedings (2010) : 221-225.


Neyran Turan "On vs About." ACSA 99th Annual Meeting, Where Do You Stand Montreal Conference Proceedings (2011) : 111-119.


Neyran Turan, "The Dubai Effect Archipelago,” Corporations and Cities Conference (Brussels: Delft University& Berlage Institute Publications, 2008). 


Neyran Turan "After Mapping: Urbanism and ‘What is Out There’." ACSA Surfacing Urbanisms: Recent Approaches to Metropolitan Design (2006)


“Neyran Turan’la Soylesi” [Interview with Neyran Turan], ed. by Serhan Gok, Arkitera Architecture Center of Turkey, 2009, www.arkitera.com

Creative Works
 Exhibitions - Curated - Conti Studios Exhibition
 Exhibition curated with assistant professor Jesus Vassallo presenting student projects for a brownfield site near Downtown Houston. , Houston, TX
 Commissioned Works - LV House
 Houston, TX
 Architectural Designs - Museum of Lost Volumes
 Exhibitions - Solo - STRAIT
 SALT Gallery , Istanbul
 Commissioned Works - Z House
 Austin, TX
 Commissioned Works - Post Oak Pavilion
 Houston, TX
 Architectural Designs - TYPO
 Architectural Designs - New Commons
 30 Ideas for a Better Future, Hagesund Billed Gallery, Norway
 Exhibitions - Curated - “11 Architectural Documents”
 Rice School of Architecture , Anderson Hall
 Invited Papers

"Geographic Object," Geographies of Exploitation Symposium - 2015 Phyllis Lambert Seminar, Université de Montréal School of Architecture, organized by Alessandra Ponte, Montreal, March 2015.


“Strait,” Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences Conference; Architecture, Risk, and the Opportunity in the Anthropecene Panel, session curated by Jonathan Massey and Daniel Barber, New York, NY, Pace University, June 2014. 


"Strait: Geo-architectural Imagination of a Territory." Rice University Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS) Symposium, Houston, TX. (April 2015)

 Invited Talks

"New Commons for Istanbul," Sustainable Cities and Urban Living Panel, Turkish American Scientist and Scholars Association (TSAA) Conference, University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith Business School, March 2014. 


 “Superform,” Rice University Scientia Lectures, McMurtry Auditorium, September 2013. 


“Mega-Form: Symptoms, Histories, Projections,” Insider Trading Lecture Series, Rice School of Architecture, Farish Main Lecture Hall, April 2010.


“Ambivalent Risk and the City,” Risk and the City Symposium, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, October 2009. (Session respondent: Ulrich Beck).


"New Geographies: After Zero." Storefront Art and Architecture, New York. (2009)


“4 minutes on Resource Extraction,” Petropolis Book Launch Panel Discussion, Rice University School of Architecture, Farish Main Lecture Hall, March 2014.


"Follow-Up Talk and Discussion with Alejandro Zaera-Polo,." Rice School of Architecture Cullinan Seminars , (October 2010)


“Megaformal,” Metropolis Panel, ACSA Flip Your Field Conference, October 2010, University of Illinois, Chicago.


"The Dubai Effect Archipelago." Corporations and Cities Conference, Berlage Institute& Delft University of Technology , Brussels. (2008)

 Session Chair

"Territorial Form." ACSA Conference: Expanding the Periphery - Migrating the Center, 103rd Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada. (March 2015)

Editorial Positions
 Editor in Chief, New Geographies. Harvard University Press. (2011 - 2011)

 Member of the Editorial Board, New Geographies. Harvard University Press. (2011 - 2011)

Supervised Theses & Dissertations
 Benson Gillespie, Master of Architecture Urban Frame: After Endless Interior [Dean’s Nomination for the International Archiprix Best Graduation Projects Competition] . (2010) (Thesis Director)

 Lindsay Harkema, Master of Architecture Extraterritorial Bound: An Urban Typology of Exception. (2010) (Thesis Director)

 Annika Miller, Master of Architecture Duck, Duck, Goose. (2011) (Thesis Director)

 Brantley Highfill, Master of Architecture Displacement Ecologies [Darden Award, Rice School of Architecture Best Thesis Prize]. (2011) (Thesis Director)

 Kate Morgan, Master of Architecture Urban Intersections: Engaging Dualities in Shanghai. (2012) (Thesis Director)

 Nimet Anwar , Master of Architecture Constructed Void . (2015) (Thesis Director)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Honorable Mention, Blank Space Architecture Competition (March 2015)