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Scholarly Interest Report
Ilinca Stanciulescu
Associate Professor
Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • M. A. Sc. (1996) Technical University of Civil Engineering (TUCE) Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC)
  • B.S. (2000) Bucharest University, Department of Mathematics
  • Ph.D. (2005) Duke University
  • B.S. (1995) Technical University of Civil Engineering (TUCE)
Primary Department
   Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department Affiliations
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
     Computational Mechanics Lab
    Research Areas
     computational mechanics; nonlinear dynamics; structural stability
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    Jin, T., Stanciulescu, I. " Numerical investigation of the influence of pattern topology on the mechanical behavior of PEGDA hydrogels." Acta Biomaterialia, 49: 247-259.


    Nistor, M., Wiebe, R., Stanciulescu, I. "Relationship between Euler buckling and unstable equilibria of buckled beams."  International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 95: 151-161.


    Zhou, Y., Stanciulescu, I. "A general condition for the existence of unconnected equilibria for symmetric arches." International Journal of Non-Linear MechanicsAccepted


    Zhou, Y., Stanciulescu, I., Eason, T., Spottswood, M. "Fast approximations of dynamic stability boundaries of slender curved structures." International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 95: 47-58.


    Qian Li, Yun Bai, Tao Jin, Shuo Wang, Wei Cui, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Rui Yang, Hemin Nie, Linshan Wang, and Xing Zhang " Bioinspired Engineering of Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels and Natural Protein Fibers for Layered Heart Valve Constructs." ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9: 6524–16535.


    Wenya Shu, Ilinca Stanciulescu "Efficient solid shell element for the dynamic analysis of thin-walled structures." Submitted


    Zhou, Yang Yi, Zhuangpeng Stanciulescu, Ilinca "Nonlinear buckling and post-buckling of shallow arches with vertical elastic supports." Submitted


    Zhuangpeng Yi,Zhiqian Wang, Yang Zhou, Ilinca,Stanciulescu "Modeling and vibratory characteristics of a mass-carrying cable system with multiple pulley supports in span range." Applied Mathematical Modelling, 49: 59-68.


    Mihaela Nistor, Zhenjia Gao and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Through-bolt push out effects on the behavior of hybrid masonry systems." Engineering Structures, 97: 47-53.


    Radu Serban, Daniel Melanz, And Li, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Paramsothy Jayakumar and Dan Negrut "A GPU-based preconditioned Newton-Krylov solver for exible multibody dynamics." International Journal for numerical methods in engineering, 102 (2015) : 1585-1604.


    Richard Wiebe and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Inconsistent stability of Newmark's method in structural dy- namics applications." Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, 10 (2015) : 1-8.


    Tao Jin and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Numerical simulation of fibrous biomaterials with randomly distributed fiber network structure." Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (2015) In Press


    Yang Zhou, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Thomas Eason and Stephen Spottswood, "Nonlinear elastic buckling and postbuckling analysis of cylindrical panels." Finite elements in analysis and design, 96 (2015) : 41-50.


    Yang Zhou, Walter Chang and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Nonlinear stability and remote unconnected equilibria of shallow arches with asymmetric geometric imperfections." International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 77 (2015) : 1-11.


    Yenny Chandra, Yang Zhou, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Thomas Eason and Stephen Spottswood "A robust composite time integration scheme for snap-through problems." Computational Mechanics, 55 (2015) : 1041-1056.


    Zhenjia Gao and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Systematic calibration of model parameters based on large scale experiments on hybrid masonry walls." ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering (2015) In Press


    Zhuangpeng Yi and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Nonlinear normal modes of a shallow arch with one end elastically constrained for two-to-one internal resonances." Nonlinear Dynamics (2015) In Press


    Hao Wang, Imad Al-Qadi and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Effect of Surface Friction on Tire-Pavement Contact Stresses during Vehicle Maneuvering." ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 140 (April 2014) : 04014001--1.


    Tamas Kalmar-Nagy and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Can complex systems really be simulated? ." Applied Mathematics and Computation, 227 (January 2014) : 199-211.


    Soheil Soghrati and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Systematic construction of higher order bases for the finite element analysis of multiscale elliptic problems (2013), Mechanics Research Communications, v 52, 11-18." 


    Behrang Moghaddasie and Ilinca Stanciulescu, "Direct calculation of critical points in parameter sensitive
    systems" (2013), Computers & Structures, v 13, 34-47.


    Behrang Moghaddasie and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Equilibria and stability boundaries of shallow arches
    under thermo-mechanical loading" (2013), International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, vol 51, 132-144.


    Naresh Khude, Dan Melanz, Ilinca Stanciulescu and Dan Negrut, "Efficient Parallel Simulation of Large
    Flexible Body Systems with Multiple Contacts" (2013), Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, v 8 / 041003-1.


    R. Wiebe, L. Virgin, I. Stanciulescu, S. M. Spottswood and T. Eason, "Characterizing Dynamic Tran-
    sitions Associated with Snap-Through: A Discrete System", 2013, ASME Journal of Computational and
    Nonlinear Dynamics, Vol. 8.


    Yenny Chandra, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Lawrie Virgin, Thomas Eason and Stephen Spottswood, "A numer-
    ical investigation of snap-through in a shallow arch-like model" (2013), Journal of Sound and Vibration,
    vol 332, 2532-2548


    Yenny Chandra, Richard Wiebe, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Lawrie Virgin, Thomas Eason and Stephen Spottswood "Characterizing dynamic transitions associated with snap-through of clamped shallow arches (2013), Journal of Sound and Vibration, v 22, 5837-5855.." 


    Ilinca Stanciulescu, Toby Mitchell, Yenny Chandra, Thomas Eason and Michael Spottswood, "A lower
    bound on snap-through instability of curved beams under thermomechanical loads" (2012), International
    Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Vol. 47, No. 5, 561-575 DOI:10.1016/j.ijnonlinmec.2011.10.004


    Yenny Chandra, Ilinca Stanciulescu, Thomas Eason and Michael Spottswood, (2012) "Numerical patholo-
    gies in snap-through simulations" Engineering Structures, v 34, 495-504.


    Makarand Datar, Ilinca Stanciulescu and Dan Negrut "A co-simulation environment for high-fidelity virtual prototyping of vehicle systems (2011), International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing, Vol. 7, No. 1, 54--72." 


    Hao Wang, Imad Al-Qadi and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Simulation of Tire-Pavement Interaction for Predicting Contact Stresses at Static and Various Rolling Conditions (2011), International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Vol. 13, No. 4, 310-321.." 


    Bin Shen, Ilinca Stanciulescu and Glaucio Paulino "“Inverse Computation of Cohesive Zone Properties", Journal of Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, vol 18, no 8, 1103-1128." 


    Ilinca Stanciulescu, John Dolbow and Stefan Zauscher "Computational modeling of surface phenomena in soft-wet materials'' (2009), International Journal of Solids and Structures, v~46, 1334--1344.." 

     Book chapters

    Ilinca Stanciulescu, Mihaela Nistor and Yang Zhou "Stability analysis of curved panels." Nonlinear Dynamics, 1In Press

     Refereed conference papers

    Ilinca Stanciulescu, Zhenjia Gao and Mihaela Nistor "Nonlocal Damage Models for Concrete Masonry Structures, (2013), COMPLAS XII." 


    Richard Wiebe, Lawrie Virgin and Ilinca Stanciulescu "Dynamic Snap-Through of Shallow Arches." 

     Invited Talks

    1st PanAmerican Congress on Computational Mechanics


    "Time Integration in Systems with Instabilities." World Congress in Computational Mechanics, Barcelona, Spain. (07/23/2014) With Yenny Chandra


    "Time Integration in Systems with Instabilities." ASME IDETC/CIE, Buffalo, NY. (08/20/2014) With Yenny Chandra



    University of Texas, San-Antonio, Workshop on Nonlocal Damage and Failure- Peridynamics and Other Nonlocal Models, 2013, Nonlocal Damage Models for Masonry Structures



    Snap-Through of Curved Structures: A Nonlinear Thermomechanical Coupled Field Problem, at ECCOMAS 2012, Vienna, Austria


    "University of Texas, Austin."

     Keynote Speaker
    United States Congress on Computational Mechanics, 2015, San Diego, CA

    keynote.  "


    Characterizing Dynamic Transitions Associated with Snap-Through of Clamped Shallow Arches

    ." United States National Congress on Computational Mechanics, Raleigh, NC. (July 2013) With Yenny Chandra



    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Computational Modeling of Hybrid Masonry Systems




    University of Houston,  Modeling of the Mechanical Behavior of Anisotropic Patterned Hydrogel




    University of Michigan (ME), Ann Arbor, MI,  Numerical modeling of anisotropic patterned hydrogels




    University of Nebraska (ME), Lincoln, Snap Through of Curved Structures in Thermal Environments



    "Snap-through of curved structures - a nonlinear thermomechanical coupled field problem,." University of Wisconsin, Lindbergh Lecture Series, Madison, WI. (October 30 )

     Seminar Speaker


    Virginia Tech, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Pierson Graduate Seminar, Blacksburg, 2013, Snap Through of Curved Structures in Thermal Environments.



    "Dynamic transitions associated with snap-through of curved structures, University of Washington, Seattle." (November 2013)

    Editorial Positions
     Member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics. Elsevier. (2017 - 2018)

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Yenny Chandra, PhD Transient behavior of curved structures. (2013) (Thesis Director)

     Trevor Koenck, MS Piezoelectric nanocomposites properties estimation by finite element discretization and Monte Carlo simulation. (2013) (Thesis Co-Director)

     Pooya Ghaderi, Doctor of Philosophy Frequency domain analysis of linear and nonlinear structures with applcations to impact force identification and micro-resonator design. (2013) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Yu Liu, Ph.D. High fidelity numerical study of nonlinear impact wave propagation: methods, analysis, and applications. (2014) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Rachel Mittelman, Master of Science Adaptive Techniques Applied to the Sequentially Optimized Meshfree Approximation. (2014) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Emily McCarthy, Ph.D Application of Compact, Geometrically Complex Shape Memory Alloy Devices for Seismic Enhancement of Highway Bridge Expansion Joints. (2014) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Zhenjia Gao, PhD Computational framework for the analysis of hybrid masonry systems using an improved non-local technique. (2014) (Thesis Director)

     Yang Zhou, PhD TBD. (2015) (Thesis Director)

     Toni Tullius, Ph.D. TBD. (2016) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Kameshwar Sabarethinam, PhD CEVE. (2016) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Amitabh Kumar, Ph.D. TBD. (2016) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Tao Jin, PhD TBD. (2016) (Thesis Director)

     Mihaela Nistor, PhD TBD. (2016) (Thesis Director)

     David Mutis, MS TBD. (2016) (Thesis Director)

     Katherine Poulsen Vance, PhD PhD. (2016) (Thesis Committee Member)

     Isaam Ben Moallem, MS MS Defense. (Thesis Committee Member)

     Wenya Shu, PhD New PhD student recruited. (Thesis Director)