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Scholarly Interest Report
John S. Ambler
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
  • B.A. (1953) Willamette University
  • M.A. (1954) Stanford University
  • Certificat d'etudes Politiques (1955) Bordeaux
  • Ph.D. (1964) University of California-Berkeley
Primary Department
   Department of Political Science
Research Areas
 European politics and comparative social policy
Selected Publications
 Book reviews

John Hibbing, Jules J. Peschar and Marieke van der Wal "Education Contested: Changing Relations Between State, Market, and Civil Society in Modern European Education by Jules L. Peschar and Marieke van er Wal." Contemporary Sociology, 30:6 (2002)


John Ambler "Biographies of "Seymour Martin Lipset" and "Leon D. Epstein"." American Political Scientists (2002)


John S. Ambler "Politics and Policy in French Education." Developments in French Politics (2001)


John S. Ambler and M. Shawn Reichert "France: Europeanism, Nationalism and the Decline of State Planning." The European Union and the Member States: Cooperation, Coordination and Compromise (2001)


"Review of Johan D. Levy, Tocqueville's Revenge: State, Society and Economy in Contemporary France." American Political Science Review (September, 2000)


John S. Ambler and Jody Neathery "Education Policy and Equality: Some Evidence from Europe." Social Science Quarterly, September, 1999, 80:3, pp. 437-456


"France: Change and Continuity, 1954-2001." Continuing Studies Course, "The Best of Rice" (Brown Teaching Award Winners, 2001), Houston. (October 11, 01)


"The Social Sciences at Rice." Rice Owl Day Panel, Houston. (4/20/01)


"What is Political Science." Seventh Graders Visit Rice, Houston. (4/22/01)


"American Health Policy in Comparative Perspective." League of Women Voters, Campaign 2000 Forum, Healthcare Issues in Campaign 2000, Houston. (October 24, 2000)


"The Crisis of Education: A European Perspective." Rice University Continuing Studies, Houston. (March 1, 2000)


"The Effects of Unification on German Domestic Politics." Baker Institute Panel on the Effects of German Unification, Houston. (November 10, 2000)


"Education and Politics in France." Association of Teachers of French, Houston, Texas. (April 24, 1999)


"The Study of French Politics: Past, Present, Future." American Political Science Association, Atlanta, Georgia. (September 1999)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 George R. Brown Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Rice University (May 2002)