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Scholarly Interest Report
Graham P. Bader
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Art History
  • B.A. (1991) Yale University
  • A.M. (2000) Harvard University
  • Ph.D. (2005) Harvard University
  • M.A. (1995) Williams College
Primary Department
   Department of Art History
Research Areas
 Twentieth-century European and American Art
Teaching Areas
 Modern and Contemporary Art; Critical Theory and Art Historical Methodology
Selected Publications
 Refereed articles

"Honored in the Breach: Graham Bader on Absence as Memorial." Artforum 50 (April 2012): 81-82.


"Donald's Numbness." Oxford Art Journal, 29 (March 2006) : 95-113.


"Rauschenberg's Skin." Grey Room, 27 (Spring 2007) : 104-118.


“Emptied Gesture: Graham Bader on Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Brushstrokes.’” Artforum 49 (Summer 2011): 346-351; 430.


 “Rate of Exchange: Graham Bader on Kurt Schwitters.” Artforum 49 (January 2011): 198-203, 243.


"Modern Painting, Modern Iconoclasm," in Target Practice: Critiques of Painting, 1949-1978 (2009), pp. 126-143. 


"Between Forest and Wall." Arturo Herrera: Boy and Dwarf (2007) : 81-86.


"Candida Hofer." Artforum, 44 (March 2006) : 287-288.


"Die absolute Besonderheit von Kasimir Malewitschs Schwarzem Quadrat." Das Schwarze Quadrat: Hommage an Malewitsch (2007)


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"High and Low: Graham Bader on Soft-Core." Artforum, 43 (October 2004) : 109-110, 283.


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"The Body Politic: 'Glitter and Doom' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art." Artforum, 45 (January 2007) : 226-231.


Graham Bader "Hall of Mirrors: Roy Lichtenstein and the Face of Painting in the 1960s." 


"Hall of Mirrors: Roy Lichtenstein and the Face of Painting in the 1960s."  (2010) In Press

 Editor of books

"October Files: Roy Lichtenstein."  (2009)

 Book chapters

"Images Between Dream and Disaster: Passages in Twentieth-Century Photomontage," in Utopia/Dystopia: Construction and Destruction in Photography and Collage. Exh. Cat. (Houston: Museum of Fine Arts, 2012), pp. 70-82.


“Images in Distress,” in John Sparagana: Between the Eyes  (Chicago: Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery, 2011), 2-6.


“Lichtenstein’s Narcissus,” in Contemporary Art/Classical Myth, ed. Jennie Hirsh and Isabelle Loring Wallace (London: Ashgate, 2011), 159-173.


Graham Bader "Modern Painting, Modern Iconoclasm." 

 Book reviews

"Lenin, King Kong, and the Dreams of Modernity." Artjournal, 61 (Winter 2002) : 114-116.


"Re-Imagining Russian Constructivism." Art History, 31 (April 2008) : 255-258.

 Invited Papers

"Seeing Lichtenstein: Window, Face, Canvas, Mirror." (November 2009)


"Seeing Lichtenstein: Window, Face, Canvas, Mirror." (November 2009)

 Invited Talks

""Kurt Schwitters and Merz"." (January 2011)


"A Lichtenstein Triptych." New World Symphony, Miami. (October 2005)


"Embodied Pop." Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ. (March 2007)


"Lichtenstein and Pop: A Look to the Future." Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, Queenstown, MD. (June 2000)


"Looking in Roy Lichtenstein's Mirrors." Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago. (November 2005)


"Roy Lichtenstein's Flatness." Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (June 2003)


"Visual Culture and the Question of Value." Harvard University Humanities Center, Cambridge, MA. (December 1999)


"“New Formations: Change and Continuity in Czech Avant-Garde Art” ." (November 2011)


"Telling Time." (September )


"Between Matter and Materialism: Hans Haacke in the Sixties." College Art Association Annual Meeting, Seattle. (February 2004)


"Gender and the Contest of Meaning in Jacques-Louis David's "Portrait of M. and Mme. Lavoisier"." College Art Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles. (February 1999)


"Malevich's Accident." College Art Association Annual Meeting, Boston. (February 2006)


"Roy Lichtenstein and the Problem of Transformation." American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (April 2002)


"Translating Kurt Schwitters' Handschrift." American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA. (April 2008)


"“Kurt Schwitters’ Circulatory Aesthetics: Art and Revolution, Circa 1919.” ." (November 2011)


"“Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau: Memory with and against Photography” ." (April 2011)


Invited Participant.  "Condition, Conservation, and Interpretation: Case Studies in 20th-Century Art." Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts, National Gallery, Washington, DC. (December 2008)


Invited Participant.  "Resistance in Contemporary Art." Contemporary Art Think Tank, Philips Collection Center for the Study of Modern Art, Washington, DC. (April 2008)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 2012-2013 - Humboldt Stiftung Fellow,

 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University (2005-2007)

Positions Held
 Mellon Assistant Professor, Rice University. (2009 - 2009)