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Scholarly Interest Report
Karin L. Broker
  • B.F.A., 1972, University of Iowa
  • M.F.A., 1980, University of Wisconsin
Primary Department
   Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts
Artist with McClain Gallery. Houston Texas
 Karin Broker
Research Areas
 Printmaking, Large Scale Drawings, and Sculptural (Steel) Drawings, sculptural objects

Research Statement


Large scale drawings on paper and Formica.


broker art


“As an artist, I feel my job is to pay attention and then regurgitate the information that sticks to my brain or my gut into something visual. My tools range from prints, steel sculptures and small boxes to large-scale drawings. It's the information, however, that has for me the most importance and has the most consistency. I accumulate information in my brain in small "post-it" note memory thoughts. When these notes about something or someone builds up to a screaming crescendo, then I manipulate my tools to build those notes into an art "thing. It's a gut reaction married to a carefully studied idea. Sometimes it's pretty and sometimes it's not.” My work has visually dealt with bad boyfriends, quirky family problems, death, and that ever-marching ticking of time called aging.

Teaching Areas
 Printmaking, Drawing
Selected Publications

Miniature Horse World Magazine.  Reggie Glover and His Miniature Dancing Horses...The Movie, maybe.  August - September 2012.  Pages 42-45.


Drawing & Painting: Materials and Techniques for Contemporary Artists


The Artist's Everything Handbook:  A New Guide to Drawing and Painting.


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Karin Broker "Dia de los Muertos." 


Karin Broker (Group Exhibition) "Texas Draws." 


Karin Broker (Solo Exhibition) "London Original Print Fair." 


Robin Turner "Untitled." 


Casey Gregory "Karin Broker: Damn Girls at McClain Gallery ." • Glasstire (Texas visual arts). (May 16, 2014)


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Virginia Billeaud Anderson "Be “More Nice” Bitch: A Talk with Karin Broker ." THE GREAT GOD PAN IS DEAD Blog (May 10, 2014)


Ultimate Clear Lake, Galveston Arts Center presents Karin Broker by Dana Rasmussen.  March 22, 2012.


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Creative Works
 Exhibitions - Solo - BioScience Research Collaborative. Rice University.
 Gallery, Rice University (December 19, 2014 to March 1, 2015)
  Exhibitions - Group - International Invitational Prints Exhibition. Yunlin, Taiwan.
 Print Invitational, Yunlin, Taiwan (Spring 2015.)
 Exhibitions - Curated - “The Artist’s Eye: Three Houston Artists Collect Prints”.
 Curated by Elise Arnoult Miller. Broker inclusion in the collection of Patrick Palmer and John de la Cruz., Printing Museum, Houston, Texas (June-September)
 Exhibitions - Curated - "Blak-uh n-hwahyt" at the University of Texas, Tyler.
 Documentary: Truth in Black & White, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, Texas (February)
  Exhibitions - Group - 2014 International Invitational Mini Prints Exhibition
 Curated by You-Hui Chung. College of Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. Co-organizer: Paris Foundation of Art. , College of Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (December)
 Other - Collection: International Printmaking Center, College of Arts, Taiwan National Normal University.
 International Printmaking Center, College of Arts, Taiwan National Normal University. , Taiwan National Normal University. , Taipei City, Taiwan
 Other - Collection: International Printmaking Center, College of Arts, Taiwan National Normal University.
 International Printmaking Center, College of Arts, Taiwan National Normal University. ,
 Other - Collection: Houston Arts Alliance. Bush Intercontinental Airport.
 Other - Collection: Houston Arts Alliance. Hobby Airport, Texas
 Exhibitions - Solo - damn girls at McClain Gallery, Houston, Tx.
 McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (April)
 Exhibitions - Curated - “Houston All Star Artists”. Houston Fine Art Fair.
 Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas (September)
 Exhibitions - Solo - “Karin Broker: wired, pressed, nailed” Art Museum of Southeast Texas.
 Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas (May-August)
 Exhibitions - Solo - “more damn girls, University of Texas at Tyler
 Meadows Gallery, Tyler, Texas (October)
  Exhibitions - Group - "A Tender Place". Williams Tower Gallery. Houston, Texas. Dec. 11-January 17, 2014.
 Karin Broker, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, Texas (December 11-January 17, 2014)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Endless". Robert McClain Gallery. Houston, Texas. July-August.
 Houston, Texas (July - August)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Flowers". Alexander, Cass, Broker, Bleckner, Baechler and Quinn. McClain Gallery. Houston, Texas. March-June.
 Houston, Texas
  Exhibitions - Group - "Karin Broker, Terrell James, Pat Masterson: Multiplicity". Williams Tower Gallery. Houston, Texas. May-June.
 Houston, Texas
 Exhibitions - Solo - Solo Exhibition. "Trouble in Paradise". Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery. Dallas, Texas. June-July.
 Solo Exhibition, Kirk Hopper Fine Arts Gallery, Dallas, Texas (May 11, 2013)
  Exhibitions - Group - "A Golden Time of Day".
 Artists: Bourgeois, Baechler, Seliger, Pardo, Broker, Martin, Simpson, Gray, Jimenez, Yoder, Art Guys, Hayakawa, Green, Whiteread, Holzer, Fleury, Beckman, Ruscha. , McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas. (July 14 - Aug. 18)
 Other - "Dark Talk/Missing You" Portfolio purchased by the Museum of Texas Tech University. Lubbock, Texas
 Clam Shell Deep Red box with 8 Dark Talk Photogravures with collage. , Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas (2011-12)
  Exhibitions - Group - "LAYOVER"
 Houston Airport System Portable Artwork Collection Preview". , Houston Arts Alliance Gallery., Houston, Texas. (July 23 - Aug. 24)
  Exhibitions - Group - "The State of Drawing"
 The Gallery at the University of Texas, Arlington, Texas (Sept. 4-Oct. 6)
 Exhibitions - Solo - KARIN BROKER Wired, Nailed, Drawn & Printed
 3-D objects, boxes, drawings and prints, Galveston Art Center, Galveston, Texas (2007-12)
  Exhibitions - Group - Texas Contemporary Fine Arts Fair.
 Kirk Hopper Fine Arts Gallery (Dallas, Tx.), George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas (October 18-21)
  Exhibitions - Group - Houston Fine Arts Fair
 A selection of works by John Alexander, The Art Guys, Donald Baechler, Karin Broker, Christian Eckart, Jesus Moroles, Aaron Parazette, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Julian Schnabel, Cy Twombly and Andy Warhol,+. McClain Gallery, Houston Texas, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas (September 16-18)
 Exhibitions - Solo - TIAA-CREF (Houston, Tx.) collection of 8 Broker Photogravures in Suite produced in 2003.
 8 Photogravures purchased for their collection, (2007-2009)
  Exhibitions - Group - "20 on Paper".
 4 large scale Conte and Prisma Color on paper, Williams Tower, Houston, Texas (November)
 Exhibitions - Solo - "Oddities and Other Opinions".
 Objects, large paper drawings, collages on paper, collages on metal, McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (May)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Paperwork II"
 Red Grooms, Darina Karpov, Broker, Brian St. Cyr and Ritchie Lassiter, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA. (June - August 2009)
  Exhibitions - Group - "A room of her own".
 with Louise Nevelson, Louise Fishman, Alice Neel, Jenny Holzer, Rebecca Horn, Tara Donovan, Cecily Brown, Judy Pfaff, Chantal Joffe, Kiki Smith, Maya Lin, Broker, Tracey Emin, Allison Schulnik, Kelli Vance, Katherine Bernhardt., McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (October 2009 - January 2010)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Selections from the Permanent Collection"
 Martin Museum of Art, Baylor University, Texas (May-Aug. 2009)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Serious Play"
 3-D object/ gun, Williams Tower, Houston, Texas (November 2009 - December 2009)
 Exhibitions - Solo - "Karin Broker Mad Girl"
 Karin Broker, McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (Sept. 14-Oct. 14)
  Exhibitions - Group - "at WORK @ play"
 Visual & Dramatic Arts Faculty, Rice University, Media Center Location (Nov. 9-Dec. 10)
 Exhibitions - Solo - A Mad Girl's Small Notes
 KarinBroker, McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (January 8-February 5, 2005)
 Commissioned Works - Art Commission
 Artwork commission by private organization., Karin Broker, Federal Reserve Building, Houston, Houston, Texas (Fall 2005)
 Other - Home is Where the Heart Is
 Featured artist at the Eyles Home., Karin Broker, Eyles Home, Houston, Texas (April 1-3, 2005)
 Exhibitions - Solo - Domestic Bliss? An Art Exhibition by Karin Broker
 Karin Broker, The Decorative Center and McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (Oct 26-27, 2004)
 Installations - Pink Ribbon House
 Karin Broker, et. al, ASID Showcase House benefiting Breast Cancer, Houston, Texas (October 13-31, 2004)
 Exhibitions - Solo - "Dark Talk"
 Solo Exhibition, Robert McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas (May 1-July 1)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Una Comunidad de Talleres de Grabado"
 Printmaking Exhibition, Galeria Espacio Abierto, Havana, Cuba (March 6-May 6)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Art League Texas Artists of the Year"
 Special Exhibition, Karin Broker, J.P. Morgan Chase, Houston, Texas (November, 2002)
 Exhibitions - Solo - "Broker Drawing"
 Guest Exhibition, Karin Broker, Gensler Architects, Houston, Texas (December)
 Exhibitions - Solo - "Broker"
 Small Broker Exhibition, Karin Broker, Gensler Architects, Houston, Texas (December, 2002)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Proof in Print"
 Printmaking Exhibition, Karin Broker, Brickbottom Gallery, Sommerville, MA (March, 2002)
  Exhibitions - Group - "Texas Prints 2001"
 Printmaking Travelling Exhibition, Karin Broker, Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, Texas (October, 2002)
 Exhibitions - Our Crowd Collects
 Karin Broker, et. al , Margolis Gallery, Congregation of Beth Israel, Houston, TX. , (March, 2001)
 Exhibitions - Proof in Print. A Community of Printmaking Studios
 Karin Broker, et. al, Wiggin Gallery, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA, (February 2001)
 Exhibitions - Steel Girls
 Karin Broker, et. al, Art League, Houston, Texas, (October, 2001)
 Exhibitions - Texas Prints-2001
 Karin Broker, et. al, The University of Texas at Austin, (March, 2001)
 Exhibitions - Wisconsin Women Printmakers
 Karin Broker, et. al , Union Galleries, University of Wisconsin-Madison., (April, 2001)
 Invited Talks

"University of Texas, Tyler." (October 27, 2014)


Rice University Faculty Women


Guest Artist:  Looking at Art


"Guest Artist:  Karin Broker on Karin Broker for "Art Connection, Behind the Scenes" with the Women's Institute." (May 1, 2012)


Guest Artist and Guest Graduate Critic.  "Broker Speaks." Notre Dame University, Southbend, Indiana. (November 6-7)


Guest Speaker.  "Broker on Perspectives 138: Russell Crotty." Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas. (September 26, 2003)


Guest Artist.  ""Broker Talking"." Gensler Architects, Houston, Texas. (December 5, 2002) With none


Speaker.  ""Broker on Broker"." Woodlands Science and Arts Center, Montgomery County College. (February 14, 2002) With none


artist.  ""Broker's Work"." Gensler Architects, Houston, Texas. (December 5, 2002) With none


Guest Artist.  ""Slide Jam"." Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas. (October 227, 2002) With none

 Keynote Speaker

"Broker Talk at McClain Gallery for damn girls exhibiiton." (May 31, 2014)


""An Artist Constructs the Human or how I see your DNA"." Scientai: an Institute for the History of Science and Culture, Rice University, Duncan Hall.


"University of Texas, Tyler  Graduate student critiques." (October 27, 2014)


Participant and Organizer.  "Big Prints." Rice University, Rice Media Center Gallery. (December 2008)

 Artists Participating: Benton Held Bourgeois Hockney Dzubas Moroles Dumas Hu Torreano Reasoner Bernhardt Fleury Nevelson Dorn Jensen Venet Broker Alexander

"Looking at Art." Studio visit and talk for Rice art students, Karin Broker Studio. (Spring, 2001)


"Broker Exhibition." Exhibition talk, Gerhard Wurzer Gallery, Houston, TX. (February 2000)


"Broker in her Studio." Studio talk and tour, Houston, TX. (March 2000)


"Guest Artist/Speaker." Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL. (November 2000)


"Looking at Art. Broker Studio." Studio tour and talk, Houston, TX. (October 2000)


"Invited Talk." Huffman Independent School District. (June, 1999)


"Invited Talk." Talk in conjunction with the "Friends of the Los Angeles Museum of Art", Lawing Gallery, Houston, TX. (1999) With Richmond Burton and Greg Burnet


"Invited Talk." Women in the Visual and Literary Arts, Museum of Printing History, Houston, TX. (July, 1999)


"Looking at Art." Broker Studio, Houston, TX. (November 9, 1999)


"Broker panel for damn girls exhibition at McClain Gallery." (May 31, 2014)


Panelist.  ""The Phenomena of the non-art major". 


Broker talk:  "Redining the Win-Win:  Non-artists in a viable art program"." FATE/MACAA (Mid America College Art Association), St. Louis, Missouri. (March 31- April 2) With David Harmon, Dept. Art and Design, Sterling College


"Panelist for PrintHouston 2011 at the Hooks-Epstein Gallery.." (June 25, 2011)

 Session Chair

"Session Moderator:  "Houston Ink" Panel for the Exhibition "Houston Ink" in conjunction with PrintHouston. ." (June 1, 2012)


"Printmaking Demonstration at the University of Texas, Tyler." (October 28, 2014)


Printmaking Demonstration.  "Printmaking." Rice University Families Weekend 2003, Rice University. (October 3, 2003)

Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
 Brown Innovative Teaching Grant, Brown Teaching Committee (2008 Fall Semester)

 Member , Southern Graphics Council (2001)

 Member, Southern Graphics Council (2000)

 Member, Southern Graphics Council

Positions Held
 Chair, Visual and Dramatic Arts. (2008 - 2008)