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Scholarly Interest Report
Mary Farach-Carson
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
  • B.S. Biology (1978) University of South Carolina, Columbia SC
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry (1982) Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Richmond VA
Primary Department
   Department of BioSciences
Department Affiliations
  • Department of Bioengineering
  • Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering
    Other Affiliations
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • MD Anderson
  • University of Texas Medical School at Houston
    Research Areas
     The role of extracellular matrix in the progression of cancer; the use of proteoglycans in the engineering of connective and glandular tissues
    Research Statement

    Research in Dr. Farach-Carson's laboratory relates to the role of extracellular matrix in the progression of cancer following metastasis from primary sites, such as prostate or breast, to bone.  In many cases, primary tumors are fairly slow growing and do not become life-threatening until they form tumors in bone. The growth factors sequestered in bone matrix provide a very rich environment to promote the growth of cancer cells that invade there. Many of these growth factors are bound to a class of proteoglycans that contain heparan sulfate which regulate their bioactivity. Studies in the laboratory are aimed at identifying and isolating the growth factors responsible for cancer growth and progression with the long term aim of developing "molecular drugs" to combat cancer metastasis. Three dimensional models are used to study the behavior of cancer cells and to test their susceptibility to anti-cancer drugs that reduce cancer growth and progression. Industrial partnerships support the development of novel cancer diagnostics based on the principle that cancer biomarkers are created by cancer growth in bone.

    A multidisciplinary project involves the use of proteoglycans, particularly those bearing heparan sulfate chains such as perlecan, in engineering of connective tissues such as bone, cartilage or salivary gland.
    Cell and molecular engineering strategies are being developed that facilitate controlled tissue growth and differentiation. Growth factor binding and delivery by engineered proteoglycans is being used in oral surgery and orthopaedic applications. Several engineering partnerships both within and outside the university exist to support these studies.

    A trainee doing research in this laboratory would be exposed to a variety of techniques including cell culture, recombinant and natural protein purification and analysis, calcium imaging, cloning and molecular biology, microRNAs, immunodetection and immunohistochemistry, and various pre-clinical cancer models.

    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    Chung, S.W., Cooper, C.R., Farach-Carson, M.C., Ogunnaike, B.A. "Computational modeling and analysis of the TGF-β-induced ERK and SMAD pathways." Submitted


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     Book chapters

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     Invited Talks

    "Building a Translational Research Hub: The BioScience Research Collaborative at Rice University. Pancreatic Cancer Seminar Series, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX 2014." (2014)


    “Hydrogel Co-Culture Systems for Growing Patient-Derived Xenografts: Use in Selective Drug Screening” FAST: Functional Analysis & Screening Technologies Conference: Screening and Functional Analysis of 3D Models (2nd conference), Boston, MA 2014


    “Two Sides of the Same Coin: Perlecan Functions in Health and Disease”, University of Texas-Health Science Center [UT-Health], Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Houston, TX 2014


    “Two Sides of the Same Coin: Perlecan Functions in Health and Disease”, Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas A & M, Dallas, TX 2014


    "Two Sides of the Same Coin: Perlecan Functions in Health and Disease”, Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 2014


    "3D Hydrogel Systems for Cytotoxicity Testing in Prostate Cancer. TxSACT Conference on Advanced Models of Imaging Based Drug Screening, Houston, TX 2013." (2013)


    "Perlecan: Border Patrol in Skeletal (and some other) Tissues. Bone Club, Houston, TX, 2013." (2013)


    "Two Sides of the Same Coin: Perlecan Functions in Health and Disease. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, 2013." (2013)


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    "Perlecan/HSPG2 Helps Maintain the Pericellular Space of the Lacuno-Canalicular System Surrounding Osteocytic Processes in Murine Cortical Bone." 11th Bone Fluid Flow Workshop, (2010) With William Thompson, graduate student


    "The Nexus of Research on Cancer, Radiation, and Supercomputing: Dawn of a Golden Age?." Joint Meeting of Rice University and MD Anderson Cancer Center, (2010)

     Keynote Speaker

    "How Collaboration and Innovation Can Transform Graduate Education." Annual Conference: HESI (Health and Environmental Sciences Institute), Washington, DC. (2015)


    "Translational Research: An Idea 150 Years in the Making. Keynote address, Regional Symposium for Undergraduate Research, Houston, TX 2013." (2013)


    "Building Translational Research at an Academic University without a Medical School." Annual meeting of the AAU Board Secretaries, Houston, TX. (2011)


    "Stepping Stones: I Got By With a Little (Lotta!) Help From My Friends." ADVANCE Workshop “Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position”, (2010)


    "Guest Instructor, RUSP (1 lecture), Spring." (Spring 2012 - 13)


    "Lecturer, Rice University, Advances in Tissue Engineering." (1999 - present)


    "Discussant and Presenter, Texas CEO Forum in association with BioHouston, Houston, TX, 2013." (2013)


    "Moderator, Oral Poster Presentation: Basic ASBMR, Baltimore, MD, 2013." (2013)


    "Organizer, 3D Cell Culture Workshop." BRC, Rice University, Houston, TX. (2011)


    "Panel Discussion Leader, e-HRI Summit, Houston, TX, 2013." (2013)

     Seminar Speaker

    "Engaging Clinicians in Discovery-Based Research in Cancer and Tissue Engineering." Something New for Lunch, Rice University, Houston, TX. (2015)


    "Perlecan/HSPG2 and Border Patrol in Tissues: Applications to Tissue Engineering and Cancer Biology." Sidney Kimmel Center for Prostate and Urologic Cancers, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY. (2015)


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    "FASEB Forum on the Critical Role of Basic Scientists in the Translational Research Enterprise." Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Chevy Chase, MD. (2011)

     Session Chair

    "Session Co-Chair (Bone, Cartilage, Connective Tissue Matrix and Development)." ASBMR, Minneapolis, Minnesota. (2012)


    "Toward Creation of an Artificial Salivary Gland: A Realistic Look at Progress and Challenges." : HA Biomaterials for Cell Therapy, TERMIS-NA, (2010)

    Editorial Positions
     Series Editor, Topics in Bone Biology, 7 volume reference book. Springer Verlag. (2003 - 2014)

     Member of the Editorial Board, Matrix Biology. (2010 - 2014)

     Member of the Editorial Board, Matrix Biology. (2016 - 2016)

    Supervised Theses & Dissertations
     Ariel Diaz, M.A. The Folding and Binding Partners of the Perlecan SEA module. (2012) (Thesis Director)

     Derek Shenefelt, M.A. FGFR4 and ß-Klotho in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. (2012) (Thesis Director)

     Lisa Gurski, Ph.D. Hyaluronan (HA) interacting proteins RHAMM and hyaluronidase impact prostate cancer cell behavior and invadopodia formation in 3D HA-based hydrogels. (2012) (Thesis Director)

     Curtis Warren, Ph.D. Evolution of the Perlecan/HSPG2 gene and Regulation of its Expression by Inflammatory Cytokines in Normal Tissue Models and Cancer. (2014) (Thesis Director)

     Brian Grindel, Ph.D. Interplay of Perlecan and MMP-7/Matrilysin Regulates Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cell Behavior: Basic and Clinical Implications. (2015) (Thesis Director)

     Eliza Fong, Ph.D. Engineering Three-Dimensional in vitro Models of Bone Tumors for Drug Testing and Mechanistic Studies. (2015) (Thesis Co-Director)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     AAAS Fellow, Section on Biological Sciences, 2011 - present

     Hearts of Gold Honoree, Honoring Women in Health Care, The Health Museum, Houston, Texas (2014)

     International Rett Syndrome Foundation, Scientific Review Board, (2011-present)

    Positions Held
     Adjunct Professor, University of Delaware. (2009 - 2014)

     Adjunct Professor, U. T. Houston School of Dentistry at Houston. (2012 - 2014)

     Strategic Advisor for Clinical & Basic Research, Texas Medical Center. (2014 - 2014)

     Adjunct Professor, U.T. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. (2009 - 2014)

     Joint Professor, Rice University. (2008 - 2014)

     Adjunct Professor, Baylor College of Medicine. (2012 - 2014)