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Scholarly Interest Report
J. Dennis Huston
Gladys Louise Fox Professor of English
  • B.A. (1961) Wesleyan University
  • M.A. (1964) Yale University
  • Ph.D. (1966) Yale University
Primary Department
   Department of English
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Department Affiliations
  • Master of Liberal Studies
    Research Areas
     Shakespeare, drama, film
    contemporary American drama
     research in preparation for new course in contemporary American drama
    Teaching Areas
     Shakespeare, public speaking, drama, humanities
    Selected Publications

    J. Dennis Huston "Plays and Play-Making in 'The Taming of the Shrew'." "Readings on "The Taming of the Shrew," ed. Laura Marvel (Greenhaven Press) (2000) : 42-48.

     Invited Talks

    "English and American Detective Fiction." Rice University Alumni Association, Rice University. (November, 2005)


    "English and American Detective Fiction (six lectures)." The Houston Seminar, Houston, Texas. (October and November (Tuesday afternoons))


    "Meaning in Contemporary Film." The Women's Institute, Houston, Texas. (February-April, 2005)


    "Shakespeare in Film." The Women's Institute, Houston, Texas. (September-December, 2005)


    "The Language of Modern Film." Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas. (October, 2005)


    "The Nature of Detective Fiction." Rice University Alumni, Chicago, Illinois. (May, 2005)


    "The Structure of "The Life Aquatic"." Rice University Library Fundraiser, Houston, TexasSeptember, 2005.


    ""Teaching to Last a Lifetime"." Rice Graduate Student Association, Duncan Hall. (October 31, 2002)

     Keynote Speaker

    "Fantasy and Fact in "Shakespeare in Love"." Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas. (October, 2005)


    ""Streetcar Named Desire" and "Death of a Salesman": Lecture to Advanced Placement Teachers." (June 30)


    ""Change of Identity"." UT Medical School, Houston. (April 28, 2004)


    ""Effective Teaching": Keynote Address." Houston Community College, Houston. (January 24, 2004)


    ""The End of the Affair": the Film." Houston Seminar, Houston. (February 22, 2004)


    ""The Language of Film," Alumni College lecture." Rice Alumni College, Rice University. (March, 2004)


    "Contemporary Film: 12 lectures." Women's Institute of Houston, Houston. (September-November, 2004)


    "Love Stories in Film: Casablance, Some Like It Hot, Toosie, and Shakespeare in Love." The Houston seminar, Houston. (January-February, 2004)


    "Modern Drama in Text and in Film: 12 lectures." The Women's Institute of Houston, Houston. (February-April, 2004)


    "Shakespeare on Film: "Richard III," Twelfth Night," and "Henry V"." The Jung Institute, Houston. (March-April (5 lectures), 2004)


    "Teaching "Pride and Prejudice"." Kinkaid School, Houston. (February 4, 2004)


    "The Film Version of "Richard III"." Rice Continuing Studies, Rice University. (April 12, 2004)


    ""Pride and Prejudice" and "Great Expectations': The novels and the films and the film." The Women's Institute of Houston, Houston, Texas. (Sept-Dec (twelve weeks)


    ""Pride and Prejudice':the Novel into Film." Continuing Studies Lecture, 301 Sewall Hall. (November 25)


    ""King Lear' lecture, an introduction to the play in performance." Denver area alumni, Boulder, Colorado. (July, 2001)


    ""Let's Go to the Movies I-II"." 24 Lectures in the Women's Institute, Women's Institute, Houston, Texas. (February-April, September-December 2001)


    ""Shakespeare in Love"." Dallas Alumni, Dallas, Texas. (October, 2001)


    ""Shakespeare in Love"." Austin Alumni, Austin, Texas. (September, 2001)


    ""The Language of Film"." Rice University Women, Autrey House, Houston, Texas. (September, 2001)


    "Fantasy and Fairy Tale in "Shakespeare in Love"." Rice Alumni College, Rice University. (March, 2001)


    ""Chinatown: Polanski's dark vision of the American Detective Story"." The Women's Institute, The Women's Institute of Houston. (March 26, 2000)


    ""Shakespeare in Love"." Lecture to The Yale Club of Houston, Houston, Texas. (March 29, 2000)


    ""The Power of Leaders,"." Leadership Rice course, Rice University. (Frbruaru 3, 2000)


    ""Magic in the Movies"." Chicago Alumni of Rice University, October, 1999.


    ""Shakespeare in Love: The Film"." Rice University Faculty Wives Club, November, 1999.


    ""The Language of Film"." Bay Area Rice Alumni College, October, 1999.


    "Faculty Address to the Freshmen." Rice University, August, 1999.


    "Keynote Address." Rice Society of Families dinner, September, 1999.


    ""Chinatown: An Analysis"." Rice Alumni Institute, Rice University. (March, 1998)


    "Shakespeare's "Richard III": Two Film Versions." eight lectures for The Women's Institute, Houston, Texas. (February though April, 1998)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     Meritorious Service Award, Rice University Alumni Association (May, 2005)

     Distinguished Associate, Hanszen College, Hanszen College (Apr, 2004)

     Minnie Stevens Piper Professor 2002, Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation (May, 2002)