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Scholarly Interest Report
Helade Scutti Santos
  • M.S. Spanish (2005) Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Ph.D. Spanish Linguistics (2013) University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
Primary Department
   Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Department Affiliations
  • Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
    Research Areas
     Second and Third Language Acquisition, Second and Foreign Language teaching and learning
    Teaching Areas
     Spanish and Portuguese
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    Ionin, T., Grolla, E., & Santos, H. S. "Another look at the acceptability of bare singular NPs in episodic sentences in Brazilian Portuguese." SyntaxAccepted


    Ionin, T., Grolla, E., Santos, H. S. and Montrul, S. "Interpretation of NPs in generic and existential contexts in L3 Brazilian Portuguese." Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 5 (2015) : 215-251.


    Bugel, T. and Santos, H. S. & Berger, I. R. "Attitudes toward Brazilian Portuguese among Brazilian learners of foreign languages in monolingual and multilingual contexts." Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana, 23 (2014)

     Book chapters

    Fleck, J., Salaberry, R. & Santos, H. S. "Implementing the concept of “pedagogic mediation” with the use of language corpora." Linguistic Approaches to Portuguese as an Additional LanguageAccepted


    Santos, H. S. "Languages in Brazil." Brazil (2016) : 173 –187.


    Ionin, T., Grolla, E., Montrul, S. & Santos, H. S. "When articles have different meanings: acquiring the expression of genericity in English and Brazilian Portuguese." Crosslinguistic Studies on Noun Phrase Structure and Reference (2013) : 367-397.

     Conference Paper

    "Adapting corpus data for guided induction in Portuguese for Spanish speakers.." VI International Meeting on the Teaching of Portuguese, Miami, FL. (August 2017) With Fleck, Jonathan

     Invited Talks

    "Assessing first year students’ Interactional Competence." Symposium on the Teaching and Testing of L2 Interactional Competence, Rice University. Houston, TX. (April 2016) With Emami, Maryam


    "Authenticity in the classroom.." Workshop for teachers from China, Rice University. Houston, TX. (February 2015)


    "Teaching and testing Interactional Competence." Consortium on Useful Assessment in Language and Humanities Education, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. (October 2016) With Emami, Maryam, García, Kevin & Kley, Katharina


    "Teaching grammar through the guided analysis of authentic data." CLIC Summer Workshop for L2 Teachers, Rice University. Houston, TX. (August 2016)


    "The use of authentic materials to develop communicative competence." 2nd Summer Workshop for L2 teachers, Rice University. Houston, TX. (May 2017)

    Positions Held
     Associate Director, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, Rice University. (2017 - 2017)