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Scholarly Interest Report
Hiroko Sato
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer of Japanese
  • M.A. (1981) in Linguistics, University of Michigan
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Department Affiliations
  • Asian Studies
     Japanese Program at Rice University
     HirokoSato_Teaching Portfolio
     The Japanese Program at Rice University
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    Research Areas
     Japanese Language and Culture, Japanese Linguistics, Language Learning, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition & Pedagogy, Japanese Studies and Translation, Language Learning with Technology.
    "US-Japan Cooperative Research & Education: Ultrafast and Nonlinear Optics in 6.1 Angstrom Semiconductors"
     I am one of the CO-PIs for NSF Proposal 0530220 for US-Japan Cooperative Research & Education: Ultrafast and Nonlinear Optics in 6.1 Angstrom Semiconductors" under the NSF solicitation, " PIRE Program, Partnerships for International Research and Education." submitted in March 2005 and has been considered for an award. My proposal for Nanotechnology Japanese language program is part of this PIRE program.
    Research Statement
     Specialized in Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition & Pedagogy, Japanese Studies and Translation, Language Learning with Technology. Japanese Language and Culture.
    Have been working on a project on " Languae Learning with Technology " and it was presented at ACTFL in Boston 11/2000, at CALICO in Orlando FL 3/2001 and at IALL 2001 in Houston, TX 5/2001.
    Chosen by the Air Force Office for Scientific Research (AFOSR) to work in a project on Technical Japanese and received their full support to participate in a workshop on it at University of Washington In June 1998.
    Grants on a project " On-Line Learning and Teaching with the Japanese Writing" received from Brown Foundation Teaching Grant in 6/2001, Summer Grant from School of Humanity in 6/2001, and Innovative Teaching Grant from Office of Infomation Technology in 5/1999. Japan Foundation 2B Grants received for Books on Japan in 5/2001. Brown Teaching Grants received to establish Summer Internship Program at the Office of General-Consulate of Japan at Houston in 5/2000. Received 2002 Dean of Humanities Summer Research Funding in June 2002 for creating and developing reader-driven texts for advanced courses in Japanese.

    CBI,Content-Based Instruction with focus on Language Learning and Language Learnability in Japanese for Science and Technology
     CBI, Content-Based Instruction, is a method used in language learning focusing on specific topics using a target language. My approach in CBI, however, has its focus-reversed on language learning. My study is to find out how this focus-reversed CBI affects learner¿s language learnability in language acquisition for writing proficiency in Japanese for specific purpose by students of science and technology.
    Teaching Areas
     Japanese Language & Culture
    Selected Publications
     Refereed articles

    Hiroko Sato "On-Line Tool to access all Four Language Skills in Japanese." Oshirase, Vol12,No1 (2/2004)

     Conference papers

    Hiroko Sato "Developing Writing Skills in Japanese through Web Technology." In Revision


    Tranlated and edited with Saburo Senzaki "Contribution of Jiudo to Education."  (1997)

    Creative Works
     Other - On-line Japanese Writing and Teaching with The Japanese Writing System
     A comprehensive list of all writing systems to teach and learn more than 600 Japanese characters including Kana and Kanji found in major Japanese textbooks used in US colleges accessible on-line with sounds and stroke orders.,
     Installations - Web-based video text on NanoJapanese
     Invited Talks

    presenter.  "Proficiency-based Language Portfolios in Japanese." Language Resource Center, Rice University. (12/1/04)

     Abstract "This presentation will show how this hands-on course, Nano Japanese, is taught using technology and how the course is designed to help students develop language learning as part of their research in science and technology. Using Wiki students actively participate in creating a technical dictionary and contribute short essays on their research, accessible via a database both in Japanese and in English. Flash video enables delivery of course content with synchronized captions, also known as video karaoke. Students also present their individual compositions on Digital FlipBook. ExTemplate software is used to assess students’ retention."

    ""Developing Writing skills in Japanese through Web Technology"." SOCALLT,South Central Association for Language Learning Technology, Denver, Colorado. (February 14-16, 2008)


    "Developing and Delivering Writing Skills in Japanese Through Web Technology." Texas Foreign Language Association Fall Conference, Hilton Houston North Hotel, Houston, Texas. (October 16-18, 2008)


    ""Different Strokes..."." Technology Showcase at Educational Technology Services at Rice University, Houston, Texas. (April 18, 2002)


    ""Innovative ExTemplate with multimedia as tools in learning foreign languages"." Language Resource Center, Rice Univeristy. (Aril 26,2002)


    "On-line Placement Test: "Assessing all four skills in Japanese "." LRC Technology Luncheon, Rice University. (April 24, 2002)


    "On-Line Language Learning Assessment Tool." CALICO, Orlando FL. (3/2001) With C. Bartlett, J.Verm


    "Tool for the Internet ." ACTFL, Boston. (11/2000) With C. Bartlett, P. Shultz


    "WEB-BASED LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT: USING THE EXTEMPLATE APPLICATION." IALL, Rice University, Houston,Tx. (5/22/2001) With C. bartlett, P.Shultz, J.Verm


    "Online Tools to Assess Pronunciation and Speaking." American Council On TheTeaching of Foreign Languages, Nashville, Tenn. (11/22/06) With Claire Bartlett

     Seminar Speaker

    ""Delivering Content Based Instruction Through Internet"." WorldCall 2008, Fukuoka, Japan. (August 5-8, 2008) With Hajime Kumahata

     Session Chair

    "Panelist on JTAT Annual at Texas Foreign Language Association held in Houston.." (10/14/2011)


    "Panelist  on JTAT( Japanese Teachers Association of Texas) Summer
               Workshop  June 2011 held at Rice University.." (6/13/2011)


    " JTAT Panelist, Texas Foreign Language Association       October, 10





    "JTAT Panelist, Texas Foreign Language Association , October, 09."


    "Nano Japanese- tiny details for global needs ?." LRC Technology Luncheon, Rice Univeristy. (12/6/06)

    Awards, Prizes, & Fellowships
     2013 Jenesys Student Exchange Program , Government of Japan (May 24,2013)

     JLPT( Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Site Award, The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (4/18/2012)

     Mitsubishi Scholarship to Rice University Students for Study-Abroad in Japan, Mitsubishi International Corp. , Houston Texas (1/2012)

     LRC Summer Workshop on NanoJapanese: Japanese for Science and Technology, Language Resource Center, Rice University (June 2006)

     "US-Japan Cooperative Research & Education" CO-PI, NSF0530220, National Science Foundation (January 2006)

     US-Japan Cooperative Research and Education , National Science Foundation (July 2005)

     Dean of School of Humanities Summer Grants, Dean o f School of Humanities (6/2002)

     OPI (Oral Proficient Interview) Full Certified Tester, American Council On The Teaching Of Foreign Language (June 2001)

     Commitee on Standards for Japanese Language Learning for Japanese Teachers Association of Texas, Japanese Teachers Association of Texas/Nationl Council on the Teaching of Japanese language (10/2001)

    Residencies & Summer Festivals
     Summer Festival
     Japan Festival representing Chao Center for Asian Studeis. Rice Students activities and participation in the Festival, Harmann Park. (April 2014)
    Positions Held
     Board of Directors , Japan-America Society of Houston. (2011 - 2011)

     Board of Diretors, Japanese Teachers Association of Texas. (2011 - 2011)

     Board of Directors, Japanese Association of Greater Houston. (2011 - 2011)

     Chair, Speech Contest Committee , Japan-America Society of Houston. (2011 - 2011)

     Board of Director, Japan-America Society of Houston. (2012 - 2014)

     Chair, Texas State Japanese Speech Contest Committee, Japan-America Society of Houston. (2013 - 2014)

     panelist on Application Selection Panel for the 2005 Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program, Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. (2011 - 2011)

     JAGH Board of Directors, Japanese Association of Greater Houston. (2012 - 2012)

     Chair, Speech Contest Committee , Japan-America Society of Houston. (2012 - 2012)

     Board of Directors, Japan-America Society of Houston. (2012 - 2012)

     President, Japanese Teachers Association of Texas. (2008 - 2008)

     Chair, Speech Contest, Japan-America Society of Houston. (2008 - 2008)