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Scholarly Interest Report
Brian Huberman
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Visual and Dramatic Arts
  • MFA, 1974, National Film School (England)
Primary Department
   Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts
Research Areas
 Documentary Film Production
Jaxon's Rant
 Documentary Portrait of Texas graphic novelist and historian, Jack Jackson. The film documents the production of Jackson's last comic book over a two year period and allows the artist/historian to express his opinions about a variety of topics including political correctness and the decline of the liberal vision of the sixties. The film concludes with Jackson's suicide in June 2006.



In the Geronimo film I’m once again pursuing history as a complex weave of historical and contemporary threads. The film documents my hikes into the desert country of Apacheria including Arizona, New Mexico, Chihuahua and Sonora. My guide on these walks is a Vietnam War veteran with PTSD who is seeking to understand his own experience as a warrior by following Apache war trails. The ultimate goal of the film was to go to Mexico, to Canyon de los Embudos where the photographer C.S. Fly immortalized a meeting between Geronimo and the U. S. Cavalry. His photographs remain the only images we have of American Indians armed and hostile and in the field. The challenge to filming was the threat of cartelistas who continue to terrorize the borderland where Embudos is located. My guide worried about the danger emailed me that the film was good enough and that there was no reason to risk death. Strangely emboldened by my own physical decline due to an illness I jumped at what might be my last chance to experience “the west” of my imagination.

Tom Lindley is dead!
 Update of The de la Peña diary (2000). Tom Lindley a Texas historian and researcher goes to his grave with the belief that the accepted diary of a Mexican soldier is a 20th century forgery.
Teaching Areas
 Film & Digital production & Media Studies
Selected Publications
 Conference papers

Huberman, B. "The De la Pe?a Diary and the Alamo Myth." Film & History Journal (2002/NOV) : 9.Submitted

 Dramatic works

Brian Huberman and Kim Henkel "BESET BY DEMONS: The Lou Perryman Story." Documentary Film (2017)


Brian Huberman "Citizen Provocateur:Ray Hill's Texas Prison Show." 


Brian Huberman & Kim Henkel "Beset by Demons: The Lou Perryman Story." 


Huberman, B. "A Crisis in Education."  (2002) : 60 minutes.In Revision


Huberman, B. "Double Bayou."  (2002) : 20 minutes.In Revision

Creative Works
 Other - BESET BY DEMONS: The Lou Perryman Story
 Portrait of larger than life Texan who was an actor associated with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film tradition who was murdered by a demon more terrifying than any that film might attempt to present., Austin Film Society, Austin, Texas
 Other - Alligator-Horses
 A feature-length documentary film, presents stories and interviews with scholars and historians that reveal the 1830s as a pivotal decade in American history, Brian Huberman and Ed Hugetz,
 Commissioned Works - Citizen Provocateur: Ray Hill's Texas Prison Show
 Video documentary, Q-Fest Houston, Tacoma Film Festival,
 Other - First 48
 Documentary “reality” show following homicide detectives in Dallas, TX. Field Producer. Released through A&E., (August 2008)
 Architectural Designs - Ray Hill's Prison Show
 Documentary about Ray Hill's radio show for convicts and their families., Ray Hill, Rice Media Center Auditorium, (November 17-19)
 Other - Where is my family?
 Film documentary about the Holocaust, Holocaust survivors, Schools, (November '03 completion date of documentary)
 Commissioned Works - A Crisis in Education
 60 minute documentary report about the activities of the Rice Center for Education, Brian Huberman, (2001-02)
 Commissioned Works - Double Bayou
 Documentary film about a rural Texas balack community,
 Exhibitions - Solo - James Blue: voices from the swamp
 Documentary montage remembering the filmmaker, James Blue, Brian Huberman, Rice Media Center, Houston (November '02)
 Conference Paper

"The Tube of History: A Filmmaker’s Thoughts about the Alamo. Texas State Historical Association, March 2, 2017. Presentation for a panel entitled, Explaining the Alamo; When Academic History Meets Popular Culture.." (March 2017)

 Invited Papers

"The De la Pena Diary." Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Hawaii. (January 13, 2005)


Presenter.  "The De la Pe?a Diary and the Alamo Myth." Film & History League, Kansas City. (11-8-02) With Edward Hugetz

 Invited Talks

"Metamorphosis ansd Mirrors: The films of Jean Cocteau." Houston Seminar, Museum of Fine Arts Houston. (November 6, 2005)


"John Wayne's The Alamo & the Red Scare." The "Reel" Crockett Film Series, Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. (August 15, 2002)


Presenter.  "Remembering Texas independent filmmaker Eagle Penell." Austin Film Society, Alamo Draft House Cinema. (9-3-02)


"Gallery Talk for WORK/play; The Rice University Art faculty exhibition." Rice Visual & Dramatic Arts Faculty Show, Rice Media Center. (November 14, 2006)


Presenter.  "Ray Hill's Prison Show." Rice Film Series, Rice Media Center. (November 17-19, 2006)


""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary film screening." Rice Cinema, Rice Media Center. (11-10-00)


""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary screening." KWBU Public Television, Waco, Texas. (4-29-01)


""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary screening." KLRN Public Television, San Antonio, Texas. (4-20-01, 4-22-01)


""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary screening." KULC Public Television, Ogden, UT. (4-27-01, 5-1-01)


""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary screening." KAWB Public Television, Brainerd, MN. (5-22-01)


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""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary screening." KNCT Public Television, Killeen, Texas. (4-25-01, 5-2-01)


""The De la Pe?a Diary" 60 minute documentary screening." KUHT-TV, Channel 8 PBS television, Houston. (3-1-01)


"Dr.James E. Crisp introduces "The De la Pe?a Diary". 60 minute documentary.." Rice Cinema, Rice Media Center. (3-1-01)


"Eyewitness to the Texas Revolution. Jose Enrique de la Pe?a and his Narrative." Center for American History (conference and film screening of the documentary, participant and panelist for the conference), University of Texas at Austin. (2000)


"The De la Pe?a Diary." Panel discussion and screening of excerpts from the documentary. Texas State Historical Assocition Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas. (2000)


"Making a Historical Documentary Workshop." Southwest Alternate Media Project, Houston, TX. (July 10, 1999)


"The Death of Davy Crockett." 25th Anniversary of the Texas Council for the Humanities, Austin, TX. (March 13, 1999)


Organized event.  "Scared to Death." Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts/Rice University, Rice University. (October 18, 2006) With Kim Henkel and Charles Dove


Presenter.  "Fourth Ward experience & the role of changing technology." Rice Media Center, Houston. (11-3-02)