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Scholarly Interest Report
Ivo Jan van der Werff
Professor of Viola
Primary Department
   Shepherd School of Music
Department Affiliations
  • Shepherd School of Music
     Ivo-Jan van der Werff
    Selected Publications

    Ivo-Jan van der Werff "A Notebook for Viola Players 2nd edition." Total Recall Publications Inc (2014) : 85.


    Ivo van der Werff "A Notebook for Viola Players." 


    Ivo-Jan van der Werff viola, and Simon Marlow piano "CONNECTIONS music by Britten, Shostakovich and Karim Al-Zand." Guild, GMCD 7414 (January 2015)


    Medici String Quartet "Towards Silence by John Tavener." 

    Creative Works
     Performances - Chamber concert
     Dvorak, Kodaly, Martinu trios and duos, Eric Halen, Houston, (November 20)
     Performances - Chamber concert
     Greenstien quintet, Rolston Quartet, Houston, (October 30)
     Performances - Chamber concert
     Schubnert Trout quintet, Tio Con Brio, Tim Pitts, Rockport , NE (October 16)
     Performances - Chamber concert
     Mozart Clarinet quintet, Richie Hawley plus facutly, Duncan Recital hall, Rice (September 18)
     Performances - Performance
     Mendelssohn Octet, Stude, Rice (Jan 25)
     Performances - Performance
     Bowdoin Festival concert, Caplet Harp quintet, Bowdoing Faculty, Brunswick, Maine (July 8)
     Performances - Performance
     Bowdoin Festival, Mozart and Faure quintets, Brunswick college, Maine (July 15)
     Performances - Performance
     Schubert Trout Quintet, Trio Con Brio of Denmark, College Station (Jan 28)
     Performances - Performance
     Medici String Quartet, Medici Quartet, Wigmore Hall, London, UK (June 4)
     Performances - Chamber concert
     University of Arizona, Piano Quartets, Robert Moeling, (Jan 25)
     Performances - Faculty concert; Shepherd School
     Karim al-Zand, Hollows and Dells for viola and piano, Robert Moeling, Duncan recital hall, Rice (Feb 5)
     Performances - Hausmusik concert Houston
     Piano quartets and solo performance of Karim Al-Zand 'Hollows and Dells', Robert Moeling, (Jan 31)
     Performances - Syzygy concert
     Kurtag, Duncan recital hall, Rice (Nov 13)
     Performances - Viola recital
     with James Dunham, viola duos and quartets, Duncan, Rice (Feb 14)
     Performances - Concert
     Virtuosi faculty, Virtuosi studio, Houston (6/15/2012)
     Performances - Concert
     Texas Music Festival, U of H opera house, (6/7/2012)
     Performances - concert
     Brahms piano quartet/Mendelssohn string quartet, faculy/guests, Duncan recital hall, Shepherd School (11/26/2012)
     Performances - concert
     clarinet quartet, Michael Webster/ Ivo vdW etc, Duncan , Shepherd School (2/22/2012)
     Performances - concert
     faculty recital, Michael Webster/ Ivo vdW etc, Duncan recital hall, Shepherd School (11/12/2012)
     Performances - concert
     Brahms/Turina piano quartets, Hausmusik, Houston, (11/17/2012)
     Performances - concert
     Medici Quartet, Medici Quartet, Harrogate, UK (10/27/2012)
     Performances - concert
     Texas Music Fest, TMF artists, U of H opera house, (6/12/2012)
     Performances - concert
     Brahms piano quartet, TMF artists, College Station, (6/11/2012)
     Performances - concert
     Da Camera of Houston, Mendelssohn octet, Da Camera artists, Cullen theatre, Houston (9/27/2012)
     Performances - concert
     concerto with Shepherd School chamber orchestra, Ivo van der Werff and Tim Pitts, Stude, Shepherd School (2/4/2012)
     Performances - Gala Concert
     Charity concert hosted by Prince Charles, Medici Quartet, Buckingham Palace, London, UK (02/01/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Tavener, 'Towards Silence', Medici Quartet, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, UK (05/28/2011)
     Performances - Recital
     concert, Haydn, Ravel, Medici Quartet, Holywell Music Room, Oxford, UK (05/24/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Tchaikovsky/Mozart sextets, Rice Faculty, St Cecelia, Houston (11/01/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Mozart/Bruch trios, Robert Moeling/Michael Webster, Shepherd School, Rice (02/11/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Ravel, Schubert, , Medici Quartet, Playhouse, Salisbury, UK (05/29/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Elgar/Shostakovich piano quintets, Rice Faculty, Shepherd School, Rice (12/05/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Tavener, Towards Silence, Medici Quartet, Cathedral, Truro, UK (06/02/11)
     Performances - Recital
     Clarinet Festival, Richard Lavenda clarinet quintet, Houston Symphony members, University, Austin TX (08/09/11)
     Other - Recording
     Karim Al-Zand, Variations for viola and piano, with Brian Connelly, Shepherd School, Rice (12/12/11)

    "Presentation of Viola Technique, Viola congress Porto, Portugal." (Nov 28 2014)


    "Viola and chamber music masterclass/ Franklin Pond." Franklin Pond, Atlanta. (7/9/2012)


    I was the sole teacher, running my own program for 12 advanced viola students from Europe, UK and USA


    "ASTA conference, presentation on Viola techique." (March 5 2015)


    "A Notebook for Viola Plyers workshop." Brevard Music camp, Brevard North Carolina. (7/10/2012)

    Residencies & Summer Festivals
     Chamber music coaching Xalapa Mexico. Coaching (Oct 11-14)
     Salisbury Festival. Concerts and chamber music coaching as a member of the Medici String Quartet, Salisbury, UK. (May 27-30 2011)
     Summer Festival
     Bowdoin International Summer Festival. Viola lessons and chamber music coaching plus 2 faculty performances (June 26-July16)
     California Summer Music. Viola lessons and chamber music coaching (July 16-July 24)
     Domaine Forget. Chamber music and private teaching plus performance, Quebec, Canada. (July 2014)
     International Summer School for Viola Players. teaching viola, Catskills NY. (25 June to 7 July)
     International Summer School for Viola Players. Self run summer school for college age and older students, with individual lessons, technical workshops and master classes with a final concert., High Falls, NY, USA. (June/July 2011)
     Lakes Viola Retreat. 12 advanced viola students from Europe, UK and USA. I was the sole teacher. (July 18-Aug 1)
     Madeleine Island Chamber Music. Teaching viola and coaching string quartets, Madeline Island . (June 19-26 2016)
     Madeleine Island music camp. Chamber music coaching and private teaching, Madeleine Island Wisconsin. (June 2014)
     Madeline Island. coaching chamber music, viola masterclass, Madeline Island, Wisconsin. (17-23 June 2012)
     Madeline Island Music Camp. (June 21-28)
     Madeline Island Summer Festival. Chamber Music course, coaching, concerts etc., Madeline Islan, Wisconsin. (June 2011)
     Texas Music Festival. Teaching viola and performing chamber music, U of H. (June, 2012)
     Virtuosi music camp. coaching high school chamber music plus a faculty recital, Houston. (June, 2012)
     Virtuosi of Houston. Masterclasses, viola and chamber music (June 10-12)
     HCS concerto competition. (Jan 17)
     Jury. 4 days of viola juries , Royal College of Music, London UK. (May-June)
     Master Class
     Brevard. Presentation of My book A Notebook for Viola Players, Brevard North Carolina. (7/10/2012)
     Illinois Viola Day. recital and viola master class, University of Eastern Illinois. (03/10/11)
     Masterclass. viola class, Texas Lutheran University. (Jan 9)
     Masterclass University of Maryland. viola class (Mar 9)
     Masterclass Birmingham Conservatoire UK. (Oct 30)
     Masterclass Chethams school of Music, Manchester UK. (Nov 19&20 2014)
     Masterclass Oslo, Norway. (Nov 17 2014)
     Masterclass Porto school of Music Portugal. (Nov 26 2014)
     Masterclass Royal Academy of Music London. (May 20)
     Masterclass Royal College of Music London. (May 26)
     Masterclass Royal College of Music London. (July 3)
     Masterclass Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. (May 22-23)
     Masterclass Royal Northern College of Music Manchester UK. (Nov 21 2014)
     Masterclass Wellington, New Zealand. (Oct 7 2014)
     Masterclass, Auckland, New Zealand. (Oct 6 2014)
     Masterclass, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. (Feb 8 2014)
     Ohio Viola Day. Masterclass and recital, Cleveland, USA. (10/16/11)
     Viola class. Viol class, San Francisco Conservatory. (April 4)
     chamber music masterclass. , Shpeherd School. (10/17/2012)
     chamber music masterclass. for Shepherd School students, Stude/Shepehrd. (03/25/2012)
     chamber music masterclass. , Hirsch Shepherd School. (11/7/2012)
     chamber music masterclass. public class for Shepherd School students, Hirsch Shepherd School. (03/05/2012)
     master class. Virtuosi of Houston, Houston. (09/23/11)
     masterclass. viola class, Royal College of Music, London UK. (may 26)
     masterclass. viola and chamber music master class, Royal College of Music, London, UK. (06/09/11)
     masterclass. Chamber master class, Shepherd School/Rice. (09/22/11)
     masterclass. chamber music master class, Shepherd School/Rice. (11/07/11)
     masterclass Ann Arbor Michigan. (Feb 17 2014)
     masterclass Royal College of Music, London. (June 24 2014)
     masterclass Sydney Conservatorium, Australia. (October 1&2 2014)
    Positions Held
     Master, Baker College. (2010 - 2017)