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Scholarly Interest Report
Yongcheng Song
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • B.S. Chemistry (1993) Nanjing University, China
  • Ph.D. Organometallic/Medicinal Chemistry (2001) National University of Singapore, Singapore
Primary Department
   Department of Chemistry
 Dr. Song's Research Group at BCM
Song Research Statement 2009
 The goals of Dr. Song's research are to develop small molecule inhibitors to be useful in the laboratory as reagents for protein structure/function research and in the clinic as anti-infective or anti-cancer drugs. Dr. Song will utilize a combination of rational, computational design, synthetic chemistry, biological testing and x-ray crystallography to achieve these goals. In addition, Dr. Song has expressed an interest in collaborating with other BCM researchers in the development of translational biology projects.